Saturday, February 25, 2012

Band's Van With Instruments, Equipment Stolen

Hey, keep an eye open for a dark green Dodge Ram extended length van, license plate L669821, and give 911 a call if you see it.  Seems Uptown band Carbon Tigers had it stolen from the 4700 block of Dover on Thursday, and it was full of their equipment, worth about $30,000. Ouch.

You can see a photo of the van (with "The Country Church" in faded lettering on sides and back) and all the stolen equipment on the band's website.

You can read more about the story on NBC Chicago ("Band's Van, Gear Stolen in Uptown") and on ABC7 ("Band's Van with Instruments Inside Stolen").


  1. I Wonder if it wasn't someone who knew what was in the van. Car thieves don't necessarily look for vans though this one looks like it contained something of value.

    Something like that can't be left overnight parked on the street, it has to be in a garage or secure parking.

    They I'm sure will keep an eye on craigs list, ebay and they should be going to all the pawn shops around. Pawn shops have to take a photo id of everyone who sells something. So if a pawn shop buys something they have a photo id of the person who they bought it from by law. I found the guy who broke into my house this way.

    Also Music Exchange on Clark street. They should go there an alert them to someone trying to sell this stuff.

    If they are smart criminals they will take this stuff out of state, but nearby, like Wisconsin or Indiana and the band should probably look for stores that buy vintage equipment just over the state border.

  2. Its not quite a happy ending just yet but these guys are true artists and carrying on.

    The Tribune did a write-up on their progress since that night, they are about a 1/3 of the way back...with a little help for their friends...,0,180486.story

    Also in the Uptown artist news...

    I've been down at the Cultural Center the last couple of days, attending workshops, checking out exhibitors, etc.

    One of the workshops was presented by the gentleman who organized the Book Expo we had last fall in the old Borders and 2 other locations. The title was:

    Impossible Thinking: Managing Big Dreams in Lean Times. It was about organizing an event with no resources in a nutshell and that event was the case study.

    It took a lot of work, relationships and outreach, some luck and crucially...Uptown United.

    It was a great presentation on doing something with nothing, I learned a lot and was fortunate enough to meet with him later.

    To much to get into, lots of details and minutiae.

    The good news is it is coming back...with some changes....Yay Uptown!

    Good news ahead.