Friday, January 20, 2012

Unexpected Window Installers? Don't Believe It

Be alert! A reader sends in a cautionary tale of two scam artists working in Uptown:

"Today at 10:15am on the 4600 block of Racine, I spotted two men come to the gate of our condo, attempt to call someone and then one of the men hopped the fence and let the other in.

I yelled at them and asked what they were doing and told them I was going to call the police. They said they were measuring windows for a replacement. I continued to watch them take hasty (and sloppy) measurements while trying to confirm with the management company or the unit owner.

Then took the measurements and left in a black pickup truck with an open bed and what appeared to be window-related equipment in the bed of the truck.

The owner and management company finally got back to me and said that no window repair had been requested.

The two men appeared to be white or Hispanic with medium-to-large builds. Both had baseball caps with hoods over them and covered their faces with scarves/ski masks (not out of place in the weather).

One had a Michigan State University sweatshirt under his jacket. The other had a standard Cardhardt work jacket on.

They drove a black pickup with an open bed and some equipment in it.

May be worth having alerting people to this if they see these guys or have a similar experience. I have reported this to the police."


  1. IMHO, what was described sounds to me more like the "installers" were casing the place now in order to break in and burglarize it later. The people in that unit probably should think about their security measures and make it more difficult for a burglary to happen (if they haven't taken countermeasures already).