Monday, January 16, 2012

Sneak Peek At Buttercup Park

What's happening with the very cute, very extensive rehab of Buttercup Playlot, the intent of which is to create a safe, gang-free haven for kids?  Here's a preview of what we can look forward to when the weather warms up:

"Buttercup Park (Sheridan and Ainslie) has transformed into a magical place behind those green construction sheets!  The plaza, pathways, lights, sculptures, playground and games tables are in place!  They have been working diligently, especially with the great weather we had ... it's a matter of time and weather now.  We did start a Buttercup Park Facebook page with some pictures (click here). It's been an exciting process and we are excited to have such a beautiful and transforming space in our community!"


  1. Is this close enough to his old house to qualify for some kind of Studs Terkel Memorial on the grounds? The younger generations moving into the neighborhood really need to be made aware of this great man who personified Chicago for so many years.

  2. Contact BPAC with any concerns. You can search Uptown Update for "Buttercup" to get the contact information.