Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occupy The Dream Celebration and Public Meeting

From Occupy Chicago:

"From 2:30-4:30pm on Sunday, we will have the Occupy The Dream Celebration and Public Meeting at the People's Church, 941 W Lawrence!  Join thousands of people from across the Chicago area to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King by holding our public officials and corporations accountable.  RSVP if you plan on coming for brunch.  The Facebook page for the event is here.

Sunday's event is being hosted by SOULChicago, IIRON, Northwest Power, Northwest Indiana Federation and Occupy Chicago.

The following week, there will be an entire Week of Action across Chicago.  Please see the flyer for it here.  The Facebook page for the Week of Action is here."


  1. Will certainly be there for this.

    Also TONIGHT there is a development meeting with Alderman Cappleman and Sedgewick properties regarding the Maryville Development. If you are around, come to the Clarendon Park Field House at 7pm and voice your opinion!

  2. Luke, you evidently missed the news in the Huffington Post on December 16. The American Civil Rights Movement has merged with OWS.

  3. I'm unsure why you think that changes anything.

  4. Luke, your ignorance is palpable. It is comments like yours that sadden me. As this country continues to decline, people like you have the nerve to insult the brave Americans standing up to the injustice and inequality in this country?

  5. Coupling Dr. King's legacy with OWS is entirely appropriate, as is, I might suggest, coupling the Teapublicans' legacy with those who opposed Dr. King.

  6. In other words:

    Agrees with me: civil rights hero
    Disagrees with me: must be a raaaacist

    I don't think I can argue with logic like that.

    (Eh, what's the point? This one won't make it past moderation either...)

  7. I agree Jon, it is hard to imaging the same Dr. King who marched with striking garbage workers right before he died wouldn't be standing up for the Occupy movement.

  8. The event was amazing! Standing room only as people from all over Chicago joined together to inspire and motivate eachother and hold their politicians accountable! The energy was palpable. It was great to have in Uptown!

  9. I second that. A really inspiring event. King would have been proud.

    And Luke, I'm not sure where you're getting your info, but if you're looking for specifics about the Occupy movement you should have been there. Every speaker had a very specific action item, from things that individuals can do, to community projects, and legislation. And when someone has a good idea, I don't know why their race would matter, but there were also people from every possible racial background and walk of life. Your "nobody cares" comment isn't really on the mark either. The church seats over a thousand and it was standing room only. Seriously, if you want to know a little about what's going on, check it out. This is history in the making.