Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Condo Refuse Rebate Rules - Deadline Coming Up

If you live in a condo building that has five or more units, your building is not eligible for city garbage pick-up and must pay for its own private garbage service.   In recognition that you are still paying for garbage pick-up, for years the City has been providing a rebate to buildings in that situation.  However, that's all changing, and the rebate will be gradually phased out.   Now there are new rules, and the deadline is coming up fast -- associations absolutely MUST file by January 31st to be included in the program.

From Ald. Osterman:

"There have been some very important and time-sensitive changes made to the Condo Rebate application process. Please carefully read the information below as I want to ensure that all Associations that qualify for the rebate receive theirs.
  • An association can only file for the rebate for the 2011 operating year. Applications for prior years are not being accepted. The rebate for 2011 will be limited to a total of $75 per owner-occupied residential unit.
  • Applications for the 2011 refuse rebate MUST be in our office by January 31, 2012 to be considered, no exceptions.
  • The Finance Committee is still processing 2008 and 2009 remittances, and will then move on to process 2010 and 2011 applications.
  • Applications need to be complete; incomplete applications will be delayed. Applications need to include the following:
  • Claim form (download here)
  • Association board form of resolution authorizing someone to submit the application for the rebate. The resolution should be signed by the Board President and one other person.
  • A copy of the arrangement/contract for 2011 salvage collection services
  • Supporting documentation of the total refuse collection expenses for 2011 - copies of invoices or a statement from the contractor will be sufficient
  • If not on file with former year applications, the recycling certification form (download here)
  • Both the Claim form and the Recycling form must be notarized (which can be done at the 48th Ward office)
Click here to download a FACT SHEET on the changes

Please bring or email your application to the 48th ward office by January 31 - or earlier if possible. Contact Jerry Goodman at 773-784-5277 or Jerry@48thward.org with any concerns or questions."

If you are in the 46th Ward, contact info@James46.org or call 773-878-4646.

If you are in the 47th Ward, contact 773-549-4462 or jim@chicago47.org.


  1. This is really unfair that people who live in condo buildings have to pay at all. Do I not pay the same property taxes as the rest of you? Now that this is being fazed out, one more thing bill to pay. I really regret ever buying a condo.

  2. There's also one other important note. If you don't file a claim in 2011 you become ineligible to file ANY claim in the future!

    I agree jtizzle!

  3. So if your board never filed before, looks like you are out of luck anyway based on this language on the fact sheet:

    "Only owner-occupied units that received one or more condo refuse rebates between January 1, 2009 and November 9, 2011 will be eligible for a rebate going forward."

  4. So in other words, the city still won't pick up garbage from larger condo buildings, but will charge the full amount without rebate. I realize it comes to just $75 per unit, but it adds up as associations look at their expenses and determine assessments.

    As we pay off the Daley administration's largesse by being nickel and dimed on water, trash, parking, city stickers, and just about anything else they can think of (not to mention the impact on taxpayers with regards to cleaning up the State's mess), I imagine my torch and pitchfork store (which I'll locate in Uptown) will do quite well.

  5. Two things-

    First, thank you Uptown Update for posting this information. I did not realize that associations would not be able to file for future rebates if this year's rebate has not been filed. Sheez! You saved us 100s of $.

    Second, what a slap in the face to condo owners. The fair thing would be to charge everyone for garbage collection.

  6. I spent 20 minutes talking with the city and 10 minutes in the 46th Ward office about this. We had never filed before, but I set up recycling and had all the paperwork ready. Then I find out that the city said on 11/9/11 that the program was suddenly closed to all new applicants!! They had a meeting about this TODAY at city hall, and I put my word in that I think it should at least be open to new applicants until the 1/31/12 deadline.

  7. Thank god I don't live in a condo. Lol