Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Possible Scammers In The 'Hood

More and more readers are reporting suspicious behavior by folks coming to their front doors.  Are these all encounters with scammers?  Probably, although who knows for sure?  Just be aware and alert, especially when it comes to letting people onto your property or into your home.
  • A reader writes tonight:  "Around 8:30 tonight, my doorbell rang.  I looked out of the third floor window to see two boys, maybe 11 or so, who tried to get me to subscribe to the Tribune 'to further their education.'  The one boy who was doing all the talking had a canned sales pitch and spoke rapidly with an accent, so I couldn't really understand everything he was saying.  I told him that I already subscribe to the Trib (which I do), and he said then he could accept a $20 donation for his education, and I didn't even have to fill out any paperwork. [!!!]  I told him, truthfully, I didn't have any money in the house, but... really, who sends little kids door to door at night to ask for money?  Didn't pass the smell test.  Just wanted to pass it along to your readers to be aware that this is going on.  Maybe someone with more patience than I possess can get a more complete story."
  • Another reader, yesterday:  "A few minutes ago two African-American males (looked to be between the ages of 17 and 25) attempted to gain entry to my secured building on Hazel/ Montrose.  They were pushing everyone's buzzer trying to gain entry.  One had a nylon do-rag on his head and the other looked to have what appeared to be a backpack on.   They would buzz buzzers and then stand side by side with their backs to the door waiting for someone to buzz them in."

    A good reminder to never let anyone in your building unless you know them.  In the past, readers have had packages stolen by thieves using that same method, as well as a drunken burglar who somehow got into the building.  Not good.
  • And then we have the bogus "window installers" last week who weren't called by the unit owner or the management company of the building, but hopped the fence and took inept window measurements anyway...
It's not Mayberry out there.  Thanks to all who wrote in to share their experiences.  A gentle reminder:  If you think someone's up to no good, call 911 and let the cops know what's going on.  They can check it out and sort it out, and they may just scare scammers and potential thieves away from the neighborhood.


    1. Watch out for another where they claim to be an energy company.

    2. On Dec. 21 we had someone at the gate claiming to be ATT. I thought he seemed suspicious so I didn't buzz the man in.