Monday, January 16, 2012

More Empty Storefronts

Sad way to start the year, with even more vacancies.  Both Style House, on the 4600 block of Broadway, and Zesty Bites, at Broadway and Irving Park, have gone out of business.


  1. It sure is starting to look more like a ghost-town in good old Uptown. It will be very hard for business to come when they see all the empty storefronts and see about the gang problems this year is already starting to bring.

  2. It is sad to see empty storefronts, but I get the impression there has been more "openings", then "closings".

    With that said it has been uneven, nothing new on Broadway between Montrose and Irving for example.

    Ghost town.....really?

  3. Well Zesty Bites (was it Bytes?) was not that great, so I'm not torn up to see them go. Plus, we are welcoming 2 new businesses to the neighborhood, Corepower Yoga and Baker & Nosh!

  4. Zesty Bites was ripple in the fabric of the universe, like a confusing fever dream.

  5. Zesty Bites was reminiscient of Juan Epstein on 'Welcome Back Kotter'. I like middle eastern food. I like mexican food. I don't necessarily understand how or why they'd be featured together at the same restaurant. I guess if I wanted baba ghanouj and my better half wanted fajitas, we'd be right as rain.
    I had a feeling they would be closing; they attracted/retained very few customers because the concept was a little hard to follow. Check the Yelp reviews to see what I'm talking about. A hand-written sign on the door posted before Christmas said they were closed for maintenance.
    I have high hopes for a great replacement; with so many people living right in close proximity, one would think it's a great location for a small restaurant, especially considering the other stores on that strip seem to do fairly well.