Saturday, January 21, 2012

Libraries Open Again On Monday Afternoons

Some good news!  Let Ald. Pawar's e-mail tell it:

"I am excited to inform you that this morning Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey announced that branch locations of the Chicago Public Library will be open on Monday afternoons starting February 6, 2012. I voted on the budget that included some painful decisions and cuts with the understanding that libraries would be open 6 days per week. The City is reallocating $2million in resources to keep branch locations open six days a week. [...] Thank you to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Commissioner Mary Dempsey and their respective teams. An additional thank you goes to all the community advocates.

Here are the specifics:
  • During the 36 weeks CPS is in session - 44 hours per week
  • Open 4 hours on Monday afternoons
  • 8 hours Tuesday thru Saturday
  • Does not include scheduled holidays
  • During the 16 weeks CPS is not in session - 48 hours per week
  • 8 hours Monday through Saturday
  • 8 hours Monday through Saturday during Winter Break
  • 8 hours Monday through Saturday during Spring Break
  • 8 hours Monday through Saturday during June, July and August
  • Mondays in February 2012
  • February 6 - Open Half Day
  • February 13 - Closed for Lincoln's Birthday
  • February 20 - Closed for Washington's Birthday
  • February 27 - Open Half Day"

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