Friday, January 20, 2012

Late Night Fire On Beacon Takes A Life

Sadly, a fire that broke out at 9:15 last night at the building located at approximately 4612-4614 4616 N Beacon was responsible for the death of an elderly resident, Edward Fitzsimmons.  The fire was confined to a single apartment and the cause is under investigation.  Our sympathies to those knew and loved Mr. Fitzsimmons.

You can read more about this story in the Tribune and Sun-Times.  Thank you to the reader who sent us photos from the scene.


  1. I never met Mr. Fitzsimmons personally, but I will always remember him as the nice old man who listened to NPR every day. May God rest his soul.

  2. Ed Fitzsimmons was a good friendly neighbor. It is sad that he is gone. My sympathies to his family and close friends.

    The fire was very intense and the Fire Department did a great job. I hope everyone checks their smoke detectors periodically.