Monday, January 23, 2012

Discounted Tickets For "Superior Donuts"

Chicago playwright Tracy Letts won a lot of acclaim for his Uptown-based play Superior Donuts, about "the off-beat friendship that grows between the cantankerous white owner of a struggling Uptown Chicago donut shop -- a former radical who holds on tight to the past -- and his only employee, an ambitious African-American teenager who has big dreams for the place."

Now it's finally playing close to home (rather than on Broadway in New York or at Steppenwolf), and you can see it for a reduced rate through Gold Star.  It will be playing at the Angel Island Theater (735 West Sheridan)Tickets are usually $20 to $22, but this offer charges you "FREE to $11". 

Check it out here.  We've heard nothing but raves.  But you need to be fast -- the offer expires at midnight.

Above left:  What remains of the former Wilson Donut Shop at the Wilson L stop, just north of the Broadway entrance.

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  1. I saw it the first go round at Steppenwolf and it was great and I didn't even know anything about the real donut shop.