Thursday, January 19, 2012

41 Votes Approve New Ward Map
(But We Don't Know For Sure What's On It)

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Ald. Cappleman tweeted from the City Council chambers about a half hour ago that "We got the needed 41 votes."  Apparently this is the 21st century equivalent of white smoke coming out a chimney:  a new ward map has been approved.

According to the Sun-Times, changes were being made to the "Black Caucus Map/ Map for a Better Chicago" (which was endorsed by all three Uptown aldermen) right up until this morning.  So the rendering above, from about a month ago, may not be exactly what we end up with.  And according to Mark Brown, changes won't officially take effect until 2015.

So what you see above isn't a sure thing, but a general idea. We eagerly anticipate seeing what the map that the City Council approved looks like, and what ward we'll be living in.  Stay tuned.

Update:  A Tweet with a pic from Ald. Cappleman:  "There will be some minor changes, but this is approximately what the new 46 Ward map will be.  "

UU Note:  To see the current ward map of Uptown, click here.

From the comments:  The Tribune has a great map of each ward, comparing the old and new boundaries.  It's here.


  1. Based on this preliminary map - not only did we (46) get the Uptown Theater, but we got rid of a former aldercritter's residence as well. ;-)

  2. And Argyle Street is all in one ward, rather than being split down the middle.


    Map on page 61, but hard to see any details.

  4. And Dover St. is all in one ward instead of being split down the middle.

    That also means Sheridan Park is now in the same ward. Bravo.

    P.S. Can we please kindly retire that aldercritter slur?

    A little gratuitous at this point.

  5. This is a map of the new First Ward. I'm working on the rest right now.,-87.665062&spn=0.072183,0.146599&t=h&z=13&lyt=large_map&htll=41.909847,-87.685952

  6. Jeff - get over it. I could have used a much worse name...

  7. Its not me who has to get over it my friend.

    People don't hold grudges, grudges hold people.

    My very own little(ton) quote...

  8. Miss Kitty, Jeffrey is right! From this moment forward, Shiller should be referred to as the AlderJackass

  9. Ha ha ha! Actually that is a good one!

    But seriously folks...I wag my finger disapprovingly and without a hint of sanctimoniousness.

  10. Jeff - seriousy, wag your finger at people? Who the heck are you? I sense the sarcasm in your comment, but also sense a condensending tone in just about every one of the many comments you have been leaving on here lately.

    Too much time on your hands?

  11. We got control over the Sheridan Red Line and surrounding areas as well.

  12. Oh my friendly neighbor Miss Kitty...

    If I didn't have time on my hands would I be able to draw not-quite-alder-critters such as this:

    I continue to wag my finger with an aire of self-importance and a slightly audible..tsk..tsk..tsk....

    @ Chris

    Sheridan stop was voted the 2nd crustiest station after Wilson so now after Wilson is reborn we will still have that ignoble distinction in the 46th ward.

    Oh well...we can just start working our Uptown magic on it I guess.

    There has been some buzz about straightening out that S-curve as was done at Wabash and Harrison to speed things up. How that would work I don't know but something would have get demolished. No other way....

    Besides the Uptown theater now in our ward its good to have the Lawrence/Broadway intersection as a whole, the former Borders, Uptown-Broadway and the oft forgotten "Majestic" at Leland.

    Speaking of which is there or will there ever be a plan for that sweet little building? Its not included in the Wilson project...I asked.

  13. @Miss Kitty,

    I want to agree with Jeff here, and I do in principal. But I cannot, in good faith, call you out for it because I too feel that Schiller was a joke.

    Sadly, I now too feel that Cappleman is a joke. Trading one critter for another.

    The only time you get the truth out of a politician is when they retire.