Thursday, December 15, 2011

Take A Ride On The Holiday Train

Da Train! Da Train!  (Photo by Polomex via Flickr)
'Tis the season!  Between today and next Wednesday, the CTA's Holiday Train will be running on the Purple and Red Lines.
  • Today:  It runs on the Purple Line from about 3:15pm to about 6:20pm (one shuttle trip from Howard to Linden; one express trip from Linden to the Loop, and back; and one shuttle trip from Linden to Howard)
  • Friday, December 16: It runs on the Red Line from about 3:10pm to about 6:00pm (one trip from Howard to 95th; one trip from 95th to Howard)
  • Saturday, December 17:  It runs on the Purple and Red Lines from about noon to about 8:00pm (Red Line) and two trips on the Purple Line between about 4:00pm to about 6:00pm.  There will be photos with Santa available.  (The train will begin by making one trip from Howard to 95th; the train will make one trip from 95th to Howard as a Red Line train, then continue to Linden as a Purple Line shuttle train; the train will make one trip from Linden to Howard as a Purple Line shuttle train, then continue to 95th as a Red Line train; the train will make one last trip, then, from 95th to Howard).
  • Tuesday, December 20th:  It runs on the Red Line from about 3:40pm to about 6:30pm (one trip from Howard to 95th/Dan Ryan; one trip from 95th/Dan Ryan to Howard)
  • Wednesday, December 21st:  It runs on the Purple Line (schedule TBA)
You can see the complete schedules on the CTA's website.  Even if you don't ride the train, it's fun to see it chugging through the dark, all lit up like a toy.


  1. I LOVE this annual tradition -- thanks for sharing the information with UU readers!

  2. I stumbled on to this train last year and thought it was pretty cool. A guy waiting for the train next to me was angry though, asking the CTA employee "Who pays for this?!?!? Is this why your fares keep going up?!?!?". So the holiday train will forever remind me of one "Grinch".

  3. This is a fun thing to do with your kids...unless it falls flat. We took our children to the Sheridan stop on 12/17 to catch the Holiday Train Red Line downtown. It showed up a bit late (we can live with that), but when it arrived, the conductor informed everyone that the train was full and that no one could get on the train. Really? First of all, it was only 7 cars, rather than 8 (which all the other trains going by were). Second, one of the cars was completely empty, as that was being used to store candy canes and such. Really?? Literally, I saw parents carrying their small children away crying. I know CTA can't control how many people show up for these, but these are the kinds of things that make people really question CTA management.