Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shooting on Magnolia Near Sunnyside Mall

God, does it ever end?  We are hearing from several readers that there were 3-4 shots fired near Magnolia and Sunnyside just a few minutes ago.  Police immediately responded and someone was taken into custody on Racine just south of Sunnyside.  From the photos, as well as EMT equipment on scene, it appears someone was hit.

Update:  We are hearing that the person hit was Tyriese Williams, one of the leaders of the Black P Stones.   Injuries are non-life-threatening.

Tonight's CAPS meeting is at 7pm at Truman College, 1145 West Wilson.


  1. This Neighborhood is a War-Zone....

  2. Not a real shock to me as I always see punks in hoods hanging around as I drive down that street. The residents who care about shooting activity on their block should keep calling 911 and report these SOB`S as they see them.

  3. I walked over there after hearing the shots and a firefighter said to me "It's not safe to be around here."


  4. Just got home from work early. What a pleasent surprise.

  5. Good on the CPD for catching the guy. The arrest record is public, right? Once the address of the perpetrator is known, we will know whose tenant screening process failed, and they as well as the shooter can be held accountable.

  6. I've seen him before. I'm guessing this is one of the guys recently released from jail? (yes/no)?

  7. I think it's officially out of control down there...approaching south/west side status.

  8. So Tyriese Williams gets shot and that leaves his brothers Tramell and Andre left to retaliate and raise havoc on the streets.

    My question is why are the Williams brothers and their family allowed to live in the neighborhood? They are obviously known gang members. Each one of them has a lengthy rap sheet.

    EVERY TIME I see them I call the police. Trouble is always following them.

  9. No worries, violence is on the decline from last year.

  10. Dealing is up again on Magnolia/Wilson/Malden/Sunnyside Since operation 'Sugar Magnolia'.

    If you see this guy or one of his hoody sporting cronies walking with a homeless person call 911 immediately it's a drug deal !!!

  11. This is freaking crazy. Sorry, but I think this is the worst the violence has ever been. I am not blaming Cappleman for it but I don't see what he has done to try and improve the situation. Sure he sends out emails but please anyone can do that. What has he done to try and stop any of this violence. Drug deals are still going on constantly in broad daylight up and down Wilson. Loitering is still going on in front of the convenient store at Magnolia and Wilson. And don't get started on the positive loitering. We know who these people are! I see this scum bag and his cronies walking up and down Wilson every day. I am sure we are paying for them to live in the housing. This has to stop! Its no longer safe to even walk outside.

  12. Moved out of uptown 6 months ago, but used to see this guy all the time around the Wilson El, Wilson/Malden, and Sunnyside Mall. He couldn't be more obvious what he was doing and yet he still exists in the hood. It's nice getting this news via web now rather than in person.

  13. how about we do more as a community, why do we complain on a internet website about whats going on next door? is it because we are selfish? and if they are shooting at each other why is there so much anger and hate towards them? have you wondered why they are doing what they are doing, do you even care?? no. indifferent. we pay our rent, and try to stay secluded in our homes and think only of ourselves and not care about why the youth is turning to gangs, drugs and violence. speak up, be active, help these kids instead of being just a gossiper, help the community.

  14. how is known gang member or even a known gang leader not in jail! If it is a well known fact that he is the leader he is walking around freely in Uptown. Only in Chicago.....

  15. "Help these kids"? You've got to be joking.
    These are grown men with long rap sheets... and apparent gang members.
    And, "why is there so much hate for these guys when they're shooting at one another"? Take a look at the news... bullets don't have names and often hit a person it wasn't intended for.
    When they start to respect the community for which we live, as well as themselves, then I'll start to be a little more concerned about them.

  16. Eventually the only thing left to do will be Occupy Uptown, and I will say "I told you all along". There is only one way to get control, and that is to take it. Who's streets? OUR STREETS.

  17. Grrrrr....

    Surprisingly enough, there was a conversation with the victim about a week or so ago in which they were asked to stop with the shooting, in which they replied, "we don't like it either." And yet....within a week...here it is.

  18. grrrrrr--We care because they could easily hurt or kill someone we care for and love. Most of us work very hard caring for our own kids and families.

    We take care of our community by making sure we make a positive contribution to society, and that our children make a positive contribution to society.

    We're mad because through taxes we pay for subsidized housing that provides (or has the perception of providing) shelter for criminals instead of hard working people who improve the community. We're mad because our tax dollars are wasted providing link cards and every other government subsidy they take advantage of.

    In most cases these aren't kids doing the shooting or dealing drugs. They're ADULTS who are responsible for they're own actions.

  19. Maybe I am ignorant but what is Cappleman supposed to do? He is the Alderman, not God. Give him a break. The peeps to blame are the Judges and ASA's that merely give them a slap on the wrist and don't take it seriously. If you need to blame and Alderman, blame Helen for creating this Northside ghetto by stopping gentrification.

  20. Upinuptown...the sad reality is that Uptown is still waaaaay better than it was in the 90's!! You talk about violence!! This is nothing!

  21. CAn we take down one building at a time? How??? I wrote an email to voice of the people about 4426 N Clifton trouble to no avail. I have two little babies that keep me busy and they are stuck here. We are hard-working law-abiding citizens getting terrorized by these thugs.

  22. I'm glad "lil" Tyriese is OK and we don't have to hear sad tributes about how a loving brother and son will be missed but never forgotten.

  23. These guys are fully-grown adults. Don't tell me that poverty explains it, because that's an insult to the hundreds of thousands of poor people in Chicago who aren't shooting each other. There's no excuse.

    The gang problem on Magnolia St. is largely centered around just a couple of buildings. Using arrest records, photographs, and videos, it should be possible for us on this web site to assemble a convincing case that these buildings need new management or even that they need to be shut down entirely (since in at least one case, this is not the first management company to fail).

    If we can build a case that the residents of one or two buildings are endangering public safety and have been doing so over a long period of time, we can make a concrete demand to the Alderman: one that's not just going to be ignored out of hand ("shut down all the affordable housing!"), and one that might actually make a tangible difference. There was an innocent bystander shot last week. The effort is worth it, and I'm happy to help.

  24. grrrr, help these kids? WE. HAVE. TRIED. One of my neighbors was working with some of the neighborhood kids, with her own time and money, trying to get them involved with gardening projects. They were fascinated with growing plants...we had them over in our back yard, playing with our dogs and feeding them ice cream and pop, and we even enlisted them in helping to plant flowers and shrubs around one of their Section 8 buildings (all that got trampled and destroyed by the gangbangers, by the way). That lady and her husband bought a volleyball net and set for the kids that summer, too, and the husband got the kids involved in Little League baseball. Another neighbor helped by buying bicycles and toys for the kids if they got good grades in school. One of the tween boys was left on his own in one apartment by a mother who moved in with her boyfriend (who didn't want the boy around)--except for weekly visits to bring a bag of groceries. We called DCFS and the building management--which took no action. Of those kids, one of them is now a 13-year old Black P-Stone and his older sister is a gangsta chick who helped beat up another girl in the building. Many of the others have moved or still got caught up in gangs.

    So please don't spout this crap about "help these kids and community"...WE TRIED. And we've gotten no support. It's part of the reason why I'm still angry about the Alderman having the b*lls to tell us that WE "need to do more instead of expecting [the Alderman] and others to take care of everything..." when we brought up the subject of needing help in the Beat 2311 CAPS meeting. No good deeds shall go unpunished...so we're effectively on our own.

  25. @ Hurly Burly I agree and will go one step further, glad we don't have to hear the usual nonsense that accompanies one of these gang deaths. He was a good kid, fittin to get his life together, gettin his GED.

  26. Got a buddy in the 23rd district says that Tyries is a known shooter for the P Stones, doing a lot of the shooting over on Hazel. Witnesses usually tell the truth immediately and then recant later. This guy and his brothers names have been given more then once on shootings, which makes him a target of retaliation.

    That being said Grrrrr:

    Your bleeding heart 'victim antics' crack me up, lol. This guy shoots people, puts all of us at risk here by the choices he makes but yet in your eye's we're the selfish ones?!?!?

    And I don't know if you noticed, he's a grown man capable of making his one decisions, he's what you call a criminal. I'm guessing he's proud of that tag and that maybe the only thing in life he's ever really Worked for !!!!!

    Yeah I don't feel sorry for him. ~Thanks for the laugh.

  27. that's an insult to the hundreds of thousands of poor people in Chicago who aren't shooting each other


    And I'm sure there are a lot of those folks who could certainly use the housing and not be a drag on the rest of the neighborhood/society.

    It's high time we start ID'ing the GBDs and kicking them out of public housing.

    Then pressing charges against building management for aided and abetting.

    This isn't about being poor, it's all about being a danger to society.

  28. I'm shocked at this. Whenever I see those little street urchins on Sunnyside, they look like future college grads discussing that day's homework assignment! Let's face it, the only "dorm" these assholes are ever going to live in will be at Stateville.

  29. So, anger aside.... what can we do? If these are known gangbangers living in subsidized housing, what are the next steps to end this? It is an abuse of the system and an abuse to the community and other people who are living there. No one is benefiting from this other than the gangbangers themselves. Bringing drugs and violence into a community is not a positive contribution.

    I am not well informed enough to know what needs to happen. I am increasingly afraid of living in Uptown, and that makes me really sad.

  30. People want to blame the Alderman for the uprise in crime in the area... however the REAL truth is that he is working to help curtail the problem by going after the problem.

    Shiller... for YEARS let the dust settle.. and crime take its own course.. Cappleman is stiring the pot and making the dust blow around because he is going after the root cause.

    This is ONLY expected to happen.. when after YEARS you had a Alderman that did NOTHING for this community.

  31. Too bad they didn't take this guy out...Scum of the neighborhood ruining what is otherwise a wonderful area in Chicago! I suppose I should be more sympathetic, but F that. Sick of him and his scum friends/family.

  32. grrrrrr: Why is it that because someone makes a comment on here, it is automatically assumed that the commenter is doing nothing else to help the community? Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

    So, I guess I am "selfish." I am "selfish" because I work 60+ hrs most weeks making a LEGAL and HONEST living for my family, and paying a CRAPLOAD of taxes (property and income) on that LEGAL living. I guess I am selfish then, because when I get home from work, I want to go inside and raise MY family, and teach MY children how to be good, honest, hardworking, POSITIVE, members of society. Man, just reading this I am realizing what a selfish jerk I am for being such a drain on society. You're right, IM THE PROBLEM!

    By the way, maybe we'd all spend a little more time in the community if we weren't concerned about catching a stray bullet from one of these 25 year old "kids" who are just "shooting at each other."

    To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that this guys injuries weren't more life threatening.

  33. QRBNST,

    Who is Paul Kersey....and why is he being paged?

  34. "I'm glad "lil" Tyriese is OK and we don't have to hear sad tributes about how a loving brother and son will be missed but never forgotten."

    "I agree and will go one step further, glad we don't have to hear the usual nonsense that accompanies one of these gang deaths. He was a good kid, fittin to get his life together, gettin his GED."

    "To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that this guys injuries weren't more life threatening."

    Are you all joking? You act like these boys are sadistic people born with no goals besides trying to single-handedly ruin our neighborhood. I don't care if they're gangbangers or not, how can you possibly say he deserved to die? You're no better than the shooters with that attitude. This is Chicago. If you want to see ghetto, take a visit out west or out south. I'm not saying the gun violence and drug activity is okay by any means, but there's no denying how much worse it could be. Gang activity isn't a choice for these people any more than it's their choice to have been born into generations of poverty and growing up depending on Link and subsidized housing. They are a product of their environment. Have a soul. Yes, I agree things are getting out of control, but sarcastically saying it's a good thing he didn't die.. too far man.

  35. I stand corrected, apparently some people do not know that it's not ok to shoot other people based on their circumstances. So we should let it slide. Are you kidding?

    I hope you are.

  36. I never said it was okay to shoot, I said you took it too far by wishing death on them. No need to be arrogant.

  37. & I'm sure if his injuries would have been more life threatening it would have made Uptown a much better place. Give me a break. STFU already and do something! Positive! Posting on UU only pisses people off more and does nothing to solve the problem. Where are they getting these guns from?? Next time you see a gang-banger go up to him and ask him for his gun licence and see how far that gets you. Until then people will continue to moan and complain about the 'hood that Uptown has evolved in to instead of trying to solve the root of the problem. I'm sure all of the suggestions will be "kick out the poor people because of course they're the ones harboring Tyriese and his homeys", when in all actuality that's not the case. Figure out where the hell these "thugs", "uneducated" and reckless young men are getting the ammunition to kill each other, or is that too much to ask for????

  38. "Maybe I am ignorant but what is Cappleman supposed to do? He is the Alderman, not God. Give him a break. The peeps to blame are the Judges and ASA's that merely give them a slap on the wrist and don't take it seriously. If you need to blame and Alderman, blame Helen for creating this Northside ghetto by stopping gentrification."

    I blame Shiller for creating this problem. James ran on fixing this problem. Therefore it is now his problem. The honeymoon is over. If any one tries to protect saying it is not his problem, they are Shilleristas!

    Get it done James, you said you would.Crime is your issue, you ran on it.

  39. Sorry, I feel like my last post was a little to harsh on James... it is a tough job.

  40. sjhmer, I work in the areas you mentioned. IN FACT yesterday I was at 63nd and Halsted Joking around with some ladies at a medical building about how I had to come to ENGLEWOOD to escape the insanity of Uptown! They saw the news and AGREED!

    It is easy to point at other neighborhoods and say "they have it worse" than us but the truth is they are just as sick of the bullshit as we are. They want BETTER just like we want BETTER.

    I was speaking with our mail lady on Malden yesterday just after the shooting and she was almost in tears, shaking with fear because she had to deliver Magnolia next. There is a HUGE problem with that.

  41. MC, every candidate for alderman ran on reducing crime; not fixing it completely. I wonder if you're confusing the role of the alderman with the police commander? They both have very different roles.

    Every candidate also laid out specific plans on what they would each do to reduce crime. Cappleman has his plans all listed in the ward master plan.

    Is he not doing any of that? Is there something else you want him to do? (A little hint here. It must be legal and he must have the authority to do it.)

  42. wat is really goin on in my neighborhood fa real

  43. Uptown Guy - couldn't have said it better myself....

    "....When they start to respect the community for which we live, as well as themselves, then I'll start to be a little more concerned about them. ...."

  44. I saw these guys shortly before the shooting, picked up the phone to call 911 to report their loitering, but resisted since they were "peacefully assembled"--big mistake--go with your instincts and awareness of these guys and their lack of social conscience--just call 911, till the kill each other off the best we can do is to keep them incarcerated or at least on the move.

  45. This whole notion of redemption for these losers is a lost cause. If a bunch of trained, law abiding residents were carrying weapons (open or concealed) these chickens**ts would disappear into their momma's apartments and never stick their heads up.

  46. Let's be realistic. This man has already committed too many crimes to hold any legal job over minimum wage. Of course he will never settle for minimum wage, so the next best option is criminal activity that he percieves is paying him better. So we as citizens have two options let him continue to commit crimes on the street and maybe "natural selection" takes him out (looks like this almost happened) or put him in jail. It's a sad state, you either A) live in fear or B) pay for him to sit in jail. Realistically we are paying for him either way since he lives in public housing. Anyone who thinks helping an individual like this is going to change him is a fool. Then you need to think is street justice better carried out in uptown or another neighborhood that will really never change (e.g. South/West sides), with less resources, further proximity from the city and high income neighborhoods. Relocation and consolidation has been happening for decades and unfortunately uptown has experienced its fair share, but after living there and investing there it just doesn't make sense to have such an area filled with this high of concentration of criminal/mental element.

  47. What is going on? A GD was shot and killed last week, they retaliated by shooting a P Stone, and somewhere in the mix was a big weapons-running bust in which four gang members were arrested. If I were a betting man, I would wager that the P Stones will retaliate next.

    Sorry to keep harping on this, but the only way to stop the cycle of violence is to shut down the properties that the gangs have (metaphorically) peed on and use as their base of operations. Again, this is not all of the affordable housing in Uptown--let's not over-generalize or make this into a class war. That's counterproductive.

    To make a concrete suggestion, perhaps James could convene an (inclusive, volunteer) "Uptown problem building task force" that could work with the CPD to identify the properties and propose solutions on a relatively short time scale. If something like this already exists, I apologize for my ignorance.

  48. Good suggestion J, I totally agree with you. There needs to be a building task force.

    Which is the number one problem buliding? There should be a top ten most wanted poster for bad buildings in uptown

  49. I might suggest that instead of posting your solutions on UU that you will probably never follow up on, you might want to try attending a CAPS meeting so you can find out what is being done in the area to deal with our issues. That way you can meet other neighbors face to face who are also interested in doing something or join up with people who are already organized. Some of the things that people are suggesting are already in the works.

  50. Section 2, Public Safety, of the Ward Master Plan has information on problem buildings, the plan of action and how 13 buildings have already been identified.

  51. @Ray. super loud applause with a standing ovation!

  52. yes, sometimes they do turn out to be bitch sessions. however, the one last night was pretty productive if you were there. I'll state that again. Last nights CAPS meeting was pretty productive even though we've had a lot of violence in the last few days. It didn't degenerate into a finger pointing episode. But then again, we do have a new alderman who attends the meetings and who wants to see things improve. I think you'll see fewer bitch sessions these days.

    My point still stands. If you go to the CAPS meeting, you find out some of the steps being taken by the police, the alderman, and groups of citizens at the present time to address the issues that many people are referring to.

    Wouldn't it be nice to know what is or is not actually being done about it instead of everyone jumping to conclusions with the comments on this blog???

    Making comments on a blog about what other people should do to address the issues does not lead to change. You want to see change? Get out there and make it happen. Get involved. Go to the meetings. Join a committee. Or, you can sit at home and spout off on this blog all day long and hope that someone else makes the positive change you want to see happen in Uptown. Your choice.

  53. @Ray, do you remember enough from the CAPS meeting to post any specifics? I couldn't make it, but I'm curious to know what's being done around here.


  54. @sjhmer - It may be a little harsh to wish death on someone.

    But PLEASE, let's get real. Do you think any of these thugs give a rat's rump about the human life of any of us in their turf war? No, they aren't stopping to think about that. Shooting first, asking questions later.

    And I second Ray's comment. J - re: the buildings and confronting landlords, etc. - that is already happening.

    Complain when it's warranted, but don't complain about something that's already been or is in the process of being done. This is about as fun as the night of the barricade, when someone complained how horrible the Alderman's office was at informing people - meanwhile his Twitter feed was on fire like a mofo.

  55. OK, fair enough, I'm glad to hear this is already being done and I apologize again for being ignorant of it. I guess what I was hoping for was some direct action I personally could take in response to all this nonsense, and while going to CAPS meetings isn't particularly satisfying, just rehashing everything on the internet is probably worse.

    One positive thing I will say is that the police patrols seem to have been noticeably beefed up in Sheridan Park today.

  56. How about petitioning with our state representatives for a law that states:

    Upon second conviction of a felony drug gun or gang related offense, the criminal over age 18, cannot be found within 1000 feet of a CHA building or a building that receives more than half of its rents from a government subsidy. Such buildings will be posted.

    Yes, this is harsh, but if parents do not want to be separated from their family, you'd hope that they will talk to their children about the conseqences of their actions.

    Secondly, we really have to consider why we subsidize people who do not complete a high school education. I'm tired of subsidizing people who drop out, have children, who drop out and have children.

  57. That is a great idea Toto...simply brilliante...

    I am not a lawyer, studied fine arts in college, but I think it takes more then a petition to a State Rep to change the United States Constitution.

    There has to be a better way.....

  58. @Unknown: I did not take specific notes while I was at the meeting. Anyone else who was also at the meeting, feel free to make additions or correct me if I misstate anything.

    There were a lot of questions from many people at the meeting regarding gang activity in the neighborhood, especially regarding information regarding the most recent violent incidents in Uptown. Police and the Alderman's office are working with owners of troubled buildings where gang members may be residing. Some folks stepped up to speak with police after the meeting. I assume they were sharing specific information or issues.

    The people arrested in the standoff with police on Broadway were not from the area, but were in contact with a local gang member living in that building. This is another building with a history of issues, and the alderman's office is aware.

    The CAPS group is working to figure out a proper way to get out information out so we as a neighborhood can identify and recognize the known felons in the area. I'm sure personal privacy issues come into play here, so I would imagine they have to tread carefully.

    There was talk of working with Truman College (at least one staff member was in attendance) to see if they can open up the gym to give young people a place to play basketball or other activities. Someone spoke up about the positive effect this had on reducing crime in another neighborhood.

    There was much talk about the gang loitering ordinance. The overwhelming theme here was to call into 911 if you see or suspect illegal gang activity. CALL, CALL, CALL. It may not lead to an immediate arrest, and the police may not be able to show up before they disburse on their own. But call and give them the best descriptions you can, especially clothing. The police on the beat will get that info and be able to keep a lookout for those persons. If they don't disburse and they're found loitering again, then a ticket could be issued or an arrest made depending on circumstances. So, keep calling 911 if you see something. It's worthwhile, even if you don't see the immediate results with your own eyes.

    One woman is organizing a local toys for tots type initiative for some of the needy children in the neighborhood. If you are interested in participating, you might be able to get her contact info from alderman's office. There may have been a previous post on UU, but don't quote me on that.

    That is about all I remember off the top of my head. The meeting did give me a positive feeling that the police and the alderman's office are on top of what is happening in the neighborhood. But, the police can't be everywhere all the time anything happens. It will be our help as residents calling in and reporting any suspected illegal activities that will be the difference in cleaning up the neighborhood sooner rather than later. (this last paragraph is more my opinion than anything stated expressly in the meeting.)

  59. p.s. next CAPS meeting is Tuesday, January 3rd at Truman. I believe there were around 50+ people at this last meeting.

  60. Here are some observations about Tuesday's 2311 CAPS meeting. I didn't take notes so this is from memory. Anyone else, please fill in the blanks or correct anything that is wrong.

    Commander Boehmer, 23rd District Commander, a TAC watch sergeant, another sergeant, a police Captain, and at least 4 officers were there from the police. Alderman Cappleman and at least one staffer, the president of Truman College, and director of Truman College Security were there. There was a lady who was also involved in housing (I don't remember her name or exact role).
    The Alderman's office seems to be looking for involvement from the community. If you want to contribute in any way, I'm sure his office will put you in touch with the right people.

    They talked about problem building, in particular the Voice of of the People (VOP) building on Clifton. The police said VOP was responsive in the past. The “housing lady” offered to facilitate a meeting between neighbors and VOP management or other buildings to discuss specific problems.

    When to call 911 was discussed. It was reiterated that if something doesn't seem right, call. If you see drug dealing, call even though you know it'll be over by the time the police arrive. 911 calls are correlated so they may provide a piece of information that, combined with another call, will help.

    Opening the gymnasium to the neighborhood was discussed. Alderman Cappleman suggested community involvement would help and asked anyone interested in helping to see his staffer. From a previous conversation with the Alderman's office, opening the pool to the public could also happen.

    The ingrained nature of gangs in Uptown was talked about. Some of the gang members are third generation gang members, now with children. No one wants to see a 4th generation. One neighbor expressed concern about a 13 year old who seems headed toward gangs. There were side conversations about how to provide the intervention needed.

    Crime trends were discussed. The police showed a correlation between decreased thefts and increased arrests for turn-style jumping, explaining a “broken windows” type connection where seemingly minor crimes can breed an environment of more serious crimes.

    400+ contact cards were written, many gang dispersements, and several gang loitering arrests were made in 2311 during the past month.

    Identifying known gang members was discussed. The idea is to make the public aware of who the gangs are. My personal impression: They have to be very careful to avoid defamation of character or other legal concerns. An advantage is residents can identify a gang banger by name and possibly reduce false alarms on gang activity. Tyriese Williams, the victim of Tuesday's shooting, was specifically pointed out as a known gang member at the November CAPS meeting.

    The most interesting part to me was about 15 minutes after it started. Someone who looked like Tramell Williams (brother of Tuesday's shooting victim) walked in and sat down for a few minutes. He left followed by two officers who returned shortly after.

    It was anything but the bitch session and shouting matches I've seen, even with a diverse crowd of about 50. In attendance were young professionals with children who seem trapped in the neighborhood (more than a couple said they can't move due to housing values), older residents, at least 1 Uplift school teacher, new residents who seemed very scared, block club representatives, and Marc Kaplan.

  61. Wheres the family feel in our community these days?these young thugs r running around shooting each other and whose to say theure lives arent on the line??Lets save some lives and our community and get to the root of these problems and stop eating up the lies the media and the authorities are serving up..$$ starts wars on the streets and overseas...whose really fighting for turf? The rich?the hooligans runnin the streets or the cpd? Whose really controllimg these streets and the violence?

  62. I went down and read every post and i have to say the a hole whose idea of shutting down the building that house low income families because a gang member lives there probally with his mom when his drug money pays her portion of the rent is stupid put her ass out shes the loser housing the gangs and any other mother who is helping with a place to sleep and store drugs and guns the whole building should not suffer believe me the manager knows whose a gang and whose not
    As far as the family who brought bike thats good that made them feel good they deserve a clap but do you really think because u brough a bike help the kids hell no how bout giving the mother a job after school programs something to keep them busy where they dont need gangs how about a big brother big sister program some type of center that does that the mom who left their kid in the house thats what turns a young boy to gangs each person has a choice at the end of the day these boys are making choices for us as a community every time they take guns to the street

    Yeah its easy to blame helen cause she didnt turn her back on poor families hell she didnt bring gangs so stop it it wasnt ehr fault as well as its not james fault its everyone as a community these boys have a rap sheet their are repeat offender if we want to blame someone blame the judge that keeps putting these losers on the streets rod got 14 years for what george got 4 years his lies killed a whole family what wrong with our system these boys are killing are community and the only way we win is to kill their community take down the repeat offenders throw away the key im tired of the mess there not enough flowers to plant lets make an example out of these bums