Monday, December 19, 2011

Second Story Counseling Moving; New Bar/Restaurant Moving In?

We received this in email this morning, about an established Uptown business moving to another nearby location, and the possibility that the old Arnold's space will be taken over by some very surprising tenants:
"I can confirm to readers of the Uptown Blog that 2nd Story Counseling is in fact moving from our current location at 4003 N. Broadway on January 1st, 2011 to new offices just 2 blocks away at 655 W. Irving Park Road (Park Place Towers), corner of Irving and Pine Grove. We have decided to move for a number of reasons, but primarily because we no longer feel the building is a good match for our clients or our needs.

I can confirm to you that we have been told by the landlord that some type of a bar and/or restaurant is moving into the space below our offices sometime in the early part of 2012. This was the space was previously occupied by Arnold's Restaurant. The landlord informed us in early November that the owners of this space would be the same folks who operated the Green Dolphin. It is our understanding that a lease has been signed. This is all of the information that we have at this time.

We are sad to leave the Irving/Broadway building & want to thank each and every person who has been part of 2nd Story Counseling's success over these past 7 years. We are excited about our new office location and remain committed to serving individuals, couples and families in Chicago's Uptown area and north side.

John D. Moore, President & CEO
2nd Story Counseling,"
  • So.... 2nd Story Counseling is staying in the neighborhood -- that's good.
  • The empty Arnold's space is getting filled after sitting empty since September 2010 -- good, again.
  • While we have no official confirmation, the landlord of the space is telling people that the owners of Green Dolphin Street will be moving in.  Now that has us surprised. Because the owners of Green Dolphin Street are Sam and Lou Menetti, who own -- or owned -- Lawrence House. Not the most popular guys in the 46th Ward these days. So we'll see what happens, see if we get any official confirmation of what's going on.  Because this could be very interesting!


  1. Better than an empty storefront, I say.

  2. Green Dolphin was such a COOL place for date-night activities or just plain music-loving-and-rug-cutting back in the 1990s. What happened and why?

  3. If Sedgewick is going to catch so much crap for being shoddy developers, I think these slumlords need to be held to similar standards. I expect trash.

  4. Of course you expect crap, Alek. You always do. Have you ever posted a positive or complimentary comment?

  5. It would be good to have something back on that corner, but it took just a few minutes with google to see that the Green Dolphin club has had problems too lately.

    Jan 2011 Shooting at club:

    Dec 2011 Stabbing at club:,0,1243337.story

    Nov 2010 Beating and stabbing at club:

    Nov 2009 Fight at club leads to fatal shooting:

    If that secondhand report from Second Story is true then I guess Lawrence House isn't their only problem property.

  6. I've heard they own the Wicker Park Tavern on the corner of North and Damen. It has food, drink specials and a lot of TV screens. A nice place overall...well run.

    Judging by this corner location and the size maybe they plan to do something similar which probably won't raise much of a fuss.

    The Green Dolphin was OK, good times...but the sound system was horrendous which is a buzzkill for any jazz club in my humble opinion.

    As far as their ownership of the Lawrence House goes I believe they still own it, there is a court date next month. Here is a link to an update:

  7. @caring neighbor...yes, I'm just intellectually consistent. These guys are slumlords, period.

  8. ........good drink specials.....big screen tv's...period.