Wednesday, December 7, 2011

People's Music School Wins $45,000 Grant

People's Music School posted this on our Facebook page on Tuesday night, but it kind of got lost in some other stuff that was going on:
"Thank you to everyone who voted, commented and sent positive vibes our way. The People's Music School was awarded $45,000 from the Chicago Sun Times Charity Trust after receiving the most Youth Arts & Culture votes during its Sun Shine Project. We posted several times to Uptown Update asking for your help. Thank you so much for supporting free music for kids who otherwise don't have the opportunity."
You can read more about the Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust Sun Shine Project here, and more about People's Music School here.

Thanks to everyone who took time to wend their way through the very confusing interface at the Sun Shine Project's website and who persevered to cast a vote. You made something very good happen for our neighbors.

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  1. The Peeps is the most amazing charitable organization in Uptown, one that truly helps build futures for those in need. So glad they received they were awarded this much needed and much deserved grant.