Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Pink boards buttressing the inside of the fence, two-by-fours hammered to the outside of the fence.  We're not sure exactly what's going on, but any attention given to the very sad, pock-marked fence of St. Boniface Cemetery, as it runs between Magnolia and Clark, has to be a good thing.


  1. perhaps one day these tacky walls will vanish and we will have better looking 'something' that is more inviting. perhaps a gate close to magnolia and lawrence would also be in the works, making it more welcoming for those who would like to visit!

  2. A fence is a boundary.

    Speaking of ward boundaries.....

    Good evening, fellow Uptownians.

    The games afoot in terms of ward remapping and I created a blogpost that examines what's happening.

    It contains links to maps of both current proposals and some wry commentary of how we as taxpayers are likely going to get screwed paying for a referendum and an almost inevitable court fight.

    Alderman Cappleman signed off on both maps. Which means he is bimapsual?

    Seriously, the black caucus map he signed off on is an improvement for the 46th Ward, but is less likely to pass federal scrutiny. The overall deviation between ward populations is higher in the black map than the Latino map he initially signed off on.

    Ultimately, both maps are so far off I suspect a Federal Judge is going to end up determining ward boundaries.

    One reason I like the newer map he signed off on is that it sends Former Alderman Shiller into the 47th ward. Snicker.

    It also keeps me in the 46th Ward which is good. I live on the cusp of another ward and could easily be redistricted out. Which would be a loss for........?

    Don't answer that.

  3. with no respect to IP for hijacking this post for his own ego, this fence really is a horrible eyesore for Uptown... I cannot imagine it would be put up with in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park or why should we settle for it?

  4. Jon,

    Mwah? Ego?

    I am trying to channel the meager better angels of my nature, so I will merely agree with you that the cemetery wall is a mess.

    ALSO, read my incisive commentary on the money game in the last 46th Ward aldermaniac elections.



  5. Irish Pirate,way uncool..its not very funny to do that when you live in the part of Uptown where you have to look at the crap every day... Let folks talk about other things in Uptown and let you show a little respect towards others in Uptown and what is important to them... and this horrible looking cement fence that runs for 4 blocks down the spine of Uptown is a horrible thing to look at every day