Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aftermath Of A Murder

A reader happened to walk home through the murder scene early this morning and took this eerie video of the police searching for bullet casings.

NBC Chicago has a brief mention of the shooting and adds that the victim was only 20 years old.

We also have heard from readers about the second round of shots: "The gunfire was at 4:06AM by the gangway of the big section 8 building at 4428 N Clifton, first a quick 6 shots fired, then 4 more rapid fire shots.... there are numerous gang members and drug dealers living in this building, some with their parents."

CBS2 covered the story as well.

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  1. Seems to me a lot of gang activity always involves section 8. The residents that live there and see what goes on daily should take action to make their residence safe and healthy for all in the neighborhood. 911 is pretty easy to dial to report illegal activity.