Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walmart Express Now Open At 3636 Broadway

Love it or hate it, we have our first Walmart Express in the 46th ward at 3636 N. Broadway. Part of the building has also been to converted to self-storage.
"Racked" has even raised the question as to whether we can expect a Walmart Express in the Uptown section of the 46th ward. Read more here.

Update:  According to WBEZ, "The ribbon-cutting ceremony was preceded with grants to various gay and lesbian non-profits and churches, which included Howard Brown Center, Lakeview Presbyterian Church, Center on Halsted and Open Arms Church."  At least one employee came from The CARA Program, which also sponsors CleanSlate.  Read the entire article here.


  1. Well, hmm. I have no love for Wal-Mart as a corporation, so I'm dying to lay down some hate, but it actually looks like they did a nice job respecting the building and the surrounding neighborhood. Walgreen's could learn a thing or two.

  2. It looks like they kept the windows open to the street as Ald. James requested. In the photo at least, I think they intended to use frosted glass and merchandising...ala Walgreens.

    so J is probably right, Walgreens could learn a thing or two.

    Somebody in my building said this Wal-mart is the size of a 7-11 which is rediculous, they are competing with CVS and Walgreens, a 15,000 sq. ft that would be a new business model. maybe they could call it "7-11 Grande/Venti".

  3. Vote with your dollars folks, I know they won't get any of mine...

  4. new2uptown, why would you vote against this? The building looks great. This is just the kind of investment the city needs.

  5. I’m glad when a business invests in our neighborhood. We need more businesses & jobs in Uptown.

    Walmart and the developer did a nice job preserving the building’s character and the sidewalk access. (Unlike the Aldi on Broadway, where the front door is in the alley.)

    I will also vote with my dollars. I hope they sell socks.

  6. Except Walmart invested in Lakeview.


  7. As much as people hate Walmart, and I'm not in their fan club, I stopped in there today. The prices are low as expected, and this is definitely helpful for the lower income people in the area.

    The store is much bigger than a 7-11 but my Honda Fit felt big in their tiny parking spots.

    As for Walmart overall, it's just one of the things we need to deal with as humans.

  8. new2uptown,

    Sheeple do and will always shop at Walmart, don't hold out what faith you have that they'll stop. A few of us understand the bigger picture and do vote with our dollars elsewhere but in the end people just want cheap stuff they don't need and don't care where they get it from.

  9. Sorry peeps, but I do not like Walmart. It is nice that James got them to put lipstick on a pig.

    To make a long story short, right after 9/11 I was working on an independent film about Walmart. My job was to walk into a Walmart and try to buy a gun. (Not in Illinois.)

    Well, I walked in and told the gun salesman that I wanted to find a gun that will blow a hole "clean through an A-rab. And I want it now because I am on a mission."

    Salesman didn't blink an eye and starting trying to sell me guns.

    Also, Walmart is just ghetto. Check out

  10. What exactly does the Walmart Express sell? Cosmetics, medication, food, booze? Does it have a pharmacy?

  11. Companies that do not look outward for future growth and investment are doomed to die. Walmart is very smart investing in smaller urban stores.

    It reminds me of what happened to Woolworths. When big retail in the 1960s and 1970s decided to move from the central city to the suburbs, Woolworths stayed. Their customers moved away. They made a major decision to not migrate some of their retail to suburban malls. They didn't make it.

    Walmart as a corporation is making a shrewd decision to re-migrate back to the city with smaller stores. They are following the money.

    You may not like Walmart's business tactics that drove small businesses in small town America away, but if they didn't do it another corporation would have. Sam just had the foresight to see the trend before other retailers and act on it in a big way.

  12. I do not shop at Walmart on principle. I do not think a corporation with their employment practices is a worthy addition to a neighborhood.
    I surely hope they do not come to Uptown.

  13. Toto, I agree with you, but Sam died in 1992.

  14. Wal-Mart is the best, employing over 1.5 million people in the US, people who may not have any job at all if not for Wal-Mart. I'm also glad the low-income members of Lakeview and Uptown have another option to buy inexpensive goods. I'm sure they will be voting with their dollars.

  15. Media Critic, I love your story.

    For those interested in taking a peek at Walmart, Barbara Ehrenreich's book _Nickle and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America_ describes her stint as a Walmart employee.

    Excellent book that one may check out of our public library:

  16. For all those against Wal-Mart and refuse to spend their money because they are a big bad corporation. I wonder if you spend your money on big bad corporations for your cell phones, eletric, gas stations, bottled water, computers, grocery stores and the corporation list goes on and on. I wonder how all you corporation haters live.

  17. I am no fan of Wal-Mart.....but....

    How much do ya all think they make at Jewel, starting pay?

    They make $8-8.50 an hour, the benefits are a joke. And Jewel is no different or out of line with the averages.

    Sure it sucks the majority of Wal-Marts employees are eligible for a LINK card/food stamps, same goes for the rest of the corporate bunch.

    The gun sales in other states, totally true. But what do you expect from an under-paid employee...diligence?

    A critisim Wal-Mart deserves that is unique is how they ride their vendors so hard on price that they have no choice but to move to China. Google Rubbermaid/Walmart for an example.

    A silver lining to that power only Wal-Mart possesses is they are able to provide prescriptions drugs cheaper then Walgreens and CVS who like to gouge people, for medicine none the less.

    If my comment sounds schizophrenic its probably because it is, just calling it like I see it. I'll probably shop there, but not too much.

  18. I don't hate big bad corporations (worked for one for a number of years), I don't like walmart, so I won't shop there. Sorry people have a problem with that.

  19. Unlike most people commenting here, I have worked for Wal-Mart. I can honestly say it was not the worst job I've ever had. At the time, Target was recruiting our best employees pretty heavily. Most of those that left for Target came back to Wal-Mart saying Target was no better.

    Media Critic: Dont you think you would have been just as likely to get that response at ANY gun seller? Wal-Mart's policy would have been to not sell you the gun, and to possibly report the incident to the authorities. That employee was probably an asshole that wanted to help you on your fictional "mission." At that time (shortly after 9/11), I imagine you wouldn't have had to look too hard to find someone to agree with you (I am NOT saying its right that the guy agreed, and I find it repulsive that he didnt refuse you service...just sayin').

    Is it that much worse to buy cheap toothpaste and deoderant from Wal-Mart than it would be from Walgreens or Target? I am sure they have all had sketchy employment practices, and had all driven smaller competitors out of business.

    Also, with the money I save, I will buy more tacos at Rockitos, more Gyros from Alma Pita, and drink more beer at Michaels. So there is something to be said for that!

  20. Toto - Interesting that you mention Woolworth's, because I see this as just an updated version of the Woolworth's that existed on Broadway/Sheridan until the chain went out of business. It's now Starbuck's - write your own "moral to the story" here.

  21. Just for the record, I did not buy a gun. (I want nothing to do with guns.)

  22. I'll second Bluestreak's comments...we stopped in today to check the place out, too. Yup, the parking spaces are pretty small. But the store IS bigger than a 7-11, the aisles are close-together with tall shelves packed full of a variety of good-priced items. I'd guess that they're trying to give Target some competition with similar selections of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and dairy. There's a good dairy section, a smaller frozen food section, lots of canned goods, boxed foods, snacks, candy, beverages (didn't see alcohol, though), and seasonal goods. There are some cards and gifts, and a small pharmacy. The staff is friendly, checkout is speedy, but it was a bit odd to hear a manager speaking with an Arkansas accent.

    It won't be a replacement for Jewel, Dominic's, Aldi, and Target...but it's definitely going to be in the shopping mix. And it's nice to have more choices, like my mother used to do with her 1970's small-town shopping where one place had the best produce, another the best meats, another a great selection of specialty foods, and another had great prices on canned and boxed foods.

  23. Interesting comment Bear,

    I'll probably never venture down there because it would take a major price difference to get me to go out of my way for shopping.

    I like the Dominick's on Foster, the Jewel on Montrose is OK, and there is a Target close.

    The good news is that there are some options in the hood these days, and some positive economic activity.. Things are looking up. THis is a great hood!

    (But I still don't like Tom Dart... ;-) Doesn't he sem wimpy and too liberal?) SEAN? Did I hurt your feelings?

  24. Stopped in last night as I was in that area. Looks like they have a nice selection if you need to pick up stuff on the go. Good selection of produce and meat, although the meat appeared to be somewhat frozen.

    The store had a little bit of a cheap feel though. Maybe it was just the awful flourescent lighting. It was pretty harsh.

    Parking spots are very narrow.

    Bottom line - I'd stop only if I were passing by and needed something. Definitely not a destination spot for most Uptowners - and hey, we have an awesome Target. Lakeview has a little Wal-Mart. That's worth a chuckle...