Friday, November 11, 2011

Positive Loitering Tonight (Two Locations, No Waiting!)

from the Uptown Chicago Commission:

"The Positive Loitering group that meets at the southeast corner of Kenmore and Lawrence at 7pm, where drug dealing and a gang presence have escalated in recent weeks, are going out again tonight.  The last few weeks have been so "lively" on that corner that we are again asking concerned neighbors to stand with us.  Bring a friend, bring a neighbor, but just come out! Our friends at Soggy Paws have supplied a bag of puppy treats if you would like to bring your canine companions along.

The event is being sponsored by the Uptown Chicago Commission and all are welcome to attend. As always, the watch commander and the 23rd District Commander are aware of our efforts and encourage our efforts to take back our streets for law-abiding citizens."

From Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association:

"Now, with 100% more long underwear!

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 7pm at the corner of Hazel and Wilson for our weekly Positive Loitering. This is our chance to meet with other neighbors and take a stand for safety for everyone in our neighborhood. The police officers that work in our neighborhood support our efforts and often come talk with us about neighborhood activity. "

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