Monday, November 14, 2011

A Mayoral Endorsement For "Uptown Entertainment District"?

Photo from Chuckman's Collection
(remember when the Riv
didn't have to wear a diaper
on its cornice?)
We're noticing a pattern here.  Seems Mayor Rahm is already taking advantage of one of the entertainment venues in Uptown.
  • 11/04/11:  "Although Mayor Emanuel enjoyed the show from a box, all attention was on Feist throughout the captivating show."
  • 5/25/11:  "Mayor Emanuel spotted at Adele concert."
  • 3/5/11:  "You have the Riv [Riviera Theatre], you have the Aragon. ... We have a downtown theater district. Should there be an Uptown music district, given our history with labels as well as the club scene, which is truly, truly unique around the country?"
  • 3/2/11:  "I saw [David Gray] at the Riviera in 2000 or 1999 when he had just broken off from David Matthews as his opening act. He's bought a suit since then."


  1. Mayor 1% is a liar. Jeez, I regret voting for this guy.

  2. Seriously, a well established brand like Three Floyds with a rock image would be a perfect fit for the future entertainment district…a couple pints of Zombie Dust and then a Megadeth show across the street, perfect. It’s going to be a shame if we lose yet another cool business to the West Loop, West Town or Logan Square when it is such a perfect fit for Uptown.