Saturday, November 5, 2011

Man Arrested In Garage Death

Pedro Cruz, age 25, has been arrested and charged in the murder of Maria Santiago, who was found beaten and strangled, then set on fire, in a garage behind 5039 N Clark this past Thursday.  Cruz lived at the same address.

According to WGN/RedEye:  "Maria Santiago was last seen around midnight in her apartment.  Her family claims she went up to the 3rd floor apartment in the same building to have some beer with her Mexican immigrant neighbors.  About 4-5 men lived up there and were known to throw wild parties.

They had just given her a TV set that night and she felt she had to be gracious, so she went upstairs with her dog, but never came down.  Hours later, smoke appeared from the alley garage.  Santiago's sister ran outside to find her sister Maria's body covered with charcoal, a rug over her head.  The men from upstairs are gone -- their apartment completely cleaned out."

A very sad story.  We will keep those who loved Ms. Santiago in our thoughts.

Update from the Tribune:  Prosecutors: Man beat, strangled woman, set her on fire, then took nap.


  1. This is very sad. I am wondering if the guy even knew what he did? They said he took a nap afterwards and that leaves me to believe this guys was drunk/high, and begs the question, did he even know what he did? Either way, his life is over for what he did. This makes me sad...

  2. UpTownJoe ? You're upset because "his life is over" ?

    How about the poor lady under the Kingsford ? Straight to hell with Pedro Cruz !

  3. It makes me wonder if she saw / interupted something she wasnt supposed to see. Maybe this Cruz guy was involved in a little bit more than just wild parties.

    This is very sad for the victim and her family.

  4. There is a Court Advocacy Training Seminar coming up on Wednesday Nov 9, 6:30-7:30 PM at the 23rd District Police Station, located at 850 W. Addison.

    Please get involved!

    R.S.V.P. to 773-334-4066.

  5. XXX: I am sad about him making a decision that ended his freedom/future. Why wouldn't I be? Any loss of life unneccessarily is a sad thing. I am also saddened by what he did to that woman. She or anyone else doesn't deserves to die like that. It is a sad situation for everyone envolved.