Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are Your Doors Locked, Right Now?

Another cautionary tale. The cops were on top of their game, so all ended well (except for the thief), but you really need to take every precaution for yourself and your property:
"Last night (11/15) around 5:30 PM someone jumped or alley-side fence (900 block of Agatite), went through our parking area and went through our back door, stealing two VERY nice bikes that were in the immediate area and locked up (the cops think he used a bolt cutter which makes me think he was out with the intent to steal). It was determined that someone in our building had to have left the door slightly ajar, but you would never really notice unless you were down there.

That said, its being addressed that leaving doors open is a huge issue, but that's not the point I'm making here - that being that there are apparently kids out there that are bored enough and ballsy enough to walk into your home if given any opportunity to do so. My girlfriend comes home around that time and I can only imagine what would have happened had she ran into this kid as this was happening. Scary stuff.

The boys in blue noticed a guy walking with multiple bikes before he even made it a block away and scooped him up. He admitted to the whole thing, hence how we know the details, so hopefully this was a one off incident. Just another friendly reminder to all our neighbors that making sure your doors are properly locked is of the utmost importance, regardless of how safe you may think you are."


  1. I live on the 25th floor with plenty of security. I always have my door locked no matter what. Not too long ago the automatic garage door did not shut and for about the 20 minutes it was open someone got in the bike room and walked off with 3 expensive bikes. A locked door will keep the crooks looking for one that is easy pickings.

  2. The same thing happened to me this summer (4600 Dover) where kids broke into our back area (climbed a fence) and then stoke both of my bikes.