Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anyone Know This Guy?

We are aware of at least two multi-unit Uptown buildings that were burgled on Monday, November 21st.   Seems like very much the same M.O. in each case.  If you happen to know who this guy is, please contact the 23rd District Police at 312-744-8320 or 23ehotline@chicagopolice.org.  Let's see if we can get him off the streets.

We realize that the photos are far from crystal clear, but there might be some little detail -- the hat, the way he carries himself -- to make someone who knows this guy say, "Hey, wait a minute...."

Here's what a reader whose building was hit has to say:

"Monday, this guy entered our building via the front door.  It is unclear as to whether the door may have been open, ajar, or if he had gotten ahold of the entry code (which has since been disabled).  Regardless, he entered into the lobby, walked down one hall, then back to the lobby.  All the while, looking for security cameras, which he found.  He was nice enough on two occasions to look directly at the camera.

He then proceeded to the back stairwell and up to the 3rd floor (assumption being that this was a random choice).  On the third floor, he jimmied open three doors.  He stole a couple of laptops, some cash, three bananas (all of that stealing must have depleted his potassium) and the bag you see in the pic provided which, coincidentally enough, matched his coat.

Don't let it be said that Uptown's criminals aren't fashion savvy.

The police were called, took a report, dusted for prints .. the whole 9 yards.  They were provided with the video/pics from the security cameras.

No update on any apprehension of this character as of yet; but, the CPD noted that the intruder is most likely a local and this was a crime of opportunity -- they don't expect it will take too long to round him up and charge him with several different felonies.

Luckily, no one was injured and the only losses were material and a little piece of mind; but, we did want to send this account into UU so that we might remind the rest of the community that there are some unseemly people out there.
  • Keep your doors locked.
  • Check to ensure that doors have been closed behind you.
  • Invest in security cameras.
  • And ... if you have a door code for entry, either disable it or change it often.
One last note: the officers who reported to the initial call, and those who have stopped by for subsequent updates were all extremely professional and helpful with tips and tricks on how we might avoid this type of intrusion in the future.  A very big "thank you" to the CPD."


  1. he does look like a face i've seen in Uptown before. i'll keep my eyes open!

  2. I hope they get this SOB and see then how pretty he looks in a DOC outfit.

  3. Looks like he's wearing a Pirates hate, might be a P Stone?

  4. Our garage was broken in to about the same time. A few days before I saw a guy (looking similar to the guy in the photo) jumping over the fence of the building across the alley from us. I called 911 and before they picked up he had walked away.

  5. similar side note: i have seen a guy the past two days in the area surrounding leland and kenmore checking car doors, in the hopes someone forgot to lock theirs. he's an AAM, late-40s, slight build, 5' 7-ish". he has a black/purple plaid pattern back-pack and wears a dark brown leather coat. yes, this has been reported.

  6. We had a similar break-in near Kenmore/Leland in May although he did not try to enter any units. First, he forcefully broke into the two exterior doors. Then he spent at least 3 minutes with a crowbar trying unsuccessfully to break into the commercial space. In the garage he tried all the cars, found two open and made off with a very little bit of pocket change. We had all his movements documented on video with some good stills. CPD took the videos/stills, ID'd the guy picked him up and, since he is a multiple offender, he'll be in for at least 4 years. Again, thanks to CPD for fast, professional response

  7. Jim----what was the name of the offender?