Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And They're Back....

We got an email from a reader today:
"Just had two very pleasant, well-dressed, well-spoken men come to my door saying that they are working to keep kids out of gangs.  I didn't spend much time talking with them because I'm sick, but didn't you have something about this in your blog a couple years ago?  Just wanted to let you know that they're back."
So we did a blog search and yes, they've been here before.
"Last evening, two men had gained entrance into our building and were going door to door requesting cash donations for a youth program to get kids out of gangs. The program was aimed at getting gang kids jobs as paper carriers for the Tribune. These men were wearing what appeared to be Tribune/vendor credentials; however, they were unable to provide further evidence of their credibility, and refused to take anything but cash."
You can read the entire article here, and we can't say with any certainty if they are or are not legit, but we find the best advice to be in the comments:
"They really make a good case for you to donate money but that's what scam artists are known for. If you want to donate to help youth in Uptown, please do it through a reputable agency or non-profit."


  1. They came by our door today as well. They refuse to identify themselves through intercome systems and will continue to buzz units until someone comes to the door.