Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shots Fired at Sheridan & Agatite

We received the following report from a reader:

"Three shots fired at about noon at the A+ Store on Sheridan between Sunnyside and Agatite. Plenty of police and CAPS follow-up. Scary. Here's a good picture of the scene. The white van in the middle of the shot has two bullet holes in it."

If you have more information, feel free to share in the comments (and report it to the police, of course). Stay safe out there, everyone.


  1. Half a block away from my apartment. I heard three shots, I think. I was surprised how few sirens I heard afterwards so thought maybe it wasn't gunfire.

  2. I was walking west on the north side of Sunnyside almost to the alley before the school (between Sheridan and Broadway). I heard the three shots and saw two people running, one east on Sunnyside and one who might have been going north on Sheridan. I called 911, but during the call the sirens were already coming and I didn't see anything of the people other than blurs and for all I know they were scared passersby.

  3. It's the middle of the day! Normally, the vagrants & others up to no good don't start "hanging out" until the late afternoon on weekends. I heard the shots & heard sirens seconds later. The police did a good job.

  4. Too bad the shooting continues to bang on. The Unique Thrift Store that is responsible for the parking lot cares little what goes on except for the deal they have with Lincoln Towing that grabs cars faster then the blink of a eye. I called many time to the Corp Office 1-708-371-4242 and they brush you off when you talk about the conditions that are allowed to go on there. Maybe if more people called the lot would become a safer place of us all, specially in the evenings and in cleaning up all the garbage thats always there.

  5. Does anyone know what kind of turf war is going on, or what is spurring the violence? That would be interesting to know, and might tell us how long this will go on and whether next summer will be even worse.

    Having my Sunday morning interrupted by three gunshots right outside my window was not cool.

  6. I like unique. However that parking lot and minimall area is horrendous in general.

    And what is up with that tall apartment building just south of the parking lot? Doesnt seem to be in good shape or house great people.

    That whole section of sheridan is like a blast from the past, like alot of how the city was in the seventies or eighties. When is this area going to snap out of the time warp? Because most the housing around there is in good shape and has improved. I dont think that part of sheridan reflects how the the neigbhorhood really has changed in the past 10-15 years.