Saturday, October 22, 2011

Runaway Possibly In Uptown

From CBS2's website:

"Police are seeking a two teenage girls who are missing from the same group home on the South Side. Emily Steele, 13, is a 5-foot-3 Asian teenager with brown eyes and black hair and weighs 98 pounds. See left a home at 5001 S. Michigan Av. on Thursday and did not state where she was going, police said. Emily may be near a McDonald’s in the area of Sheridan and Wilson, police said."

Please call Area 1 police at 312-747-8385 if you have any information or have seen Emily.


  1. That McDonalds seems to attract everyone. Gangs, homeless, police ect.. They have a security man in there that does a good job though.

  2. I've seen insanity the likes of those who have never been in Uptown, have never seen in that McDonald's.

  3. What the hell do they want over here? But I guess it's better than 50th michigan .

  4. The police said "NEAR" a McDonald's folks. They were referring to an intersection and its most recognizable landmark, the Golden Arches.

    It is likely if in that area it is b/c of a relationship, friends or family. Not the dollar menu.

    Focus. Comprehension. Keep an eye out.