Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rave Review For Caravan

A reader writes in:

"My man and I had a wonderful (and well-priced) meal at Caravan last night. We split a bottle of wine, many side dishes - the Dolme was AWESOME - and a shrimp kabob entree and the tab was just under $60 (yes!). The staff was very attentive, but not too, and the ambiance is exotic. We sat in the curtained area, which was very romantic. Just wanted to recommend it to my fellow Uptowners."

We confess that we haven't been to Caravan yet. Who has, and what do you think of the newest place to eat around Lawrence and Broadway?


  1. We met some friends at Caravan and we all agreed that the food was very good. The fish was fresh, the meat was tender and flavorful and the atmosphere was...well, it was hard to believe we were still in Uptown.

    There were only a couple of things that could be improved. The first was that there are not many vegetarian choices on the menu at all. The second was that our server seemed afraid of her own shadow. My order got screwed up and the kitchen basically did a half-assed job righting their wrong, but it was still so good that I didn't think it was worth it to complain further.

    Go there and support one of our good neighborhood restaurants! You won't be sorry with this one if you like Persian food.

  2. Been there twice. The drinks are great and food is wonderefull. I recommend the hummus to start, and the flour-less Chocolate Cake for dessert.

  3. I went a few weeks ago with my partner and thought it was very good. We received excellent service, the food was good. They have specialty martinis and I tried one-with rosewater-didn't care for it but overall was good and I'll be back.

  4. I have tried it once so far, and it was great...

  5. Thumbs up for the food.

    I had the ground beef kabobs, wife had the chicken kabobs. Big portions, great seasoning. I'm really craving it again.

    We were there literally the second day they were open, so our waitress was a little green and forgot about us at one point. I expect things have improved.

    They do have these seats "behind the glass" at the left. Only complaint is that some of the tables have small square seats without backs that are a little uncomfortable.