Friday, October 14, 2011

More On The Uptown Theater

  • From Ald. Osterman's latest weekly newsletter:  "Although the Uptown has been talked about for many years, there is new energy and movement to restore the theatre and therefore, enhance the surrounding Uptown Entertainment District.  Mayor Emanuel, Alderman Cappleman (46th), and I are continuously in conversations about the theatre and are on the same page about the need to renovate this gem.  Just this week, my office organized a Stakeholders Meeting with key players from the City, the community, and private investors. We will keep you appraised of ongoing developments with the Uptown."
  • If you would like to take advantage of a very rare opportunity to see this gem up close and personal, we understand that there are still some tickets available for Uptown Live, which includes a tour of the the lobby.
  • A reader reminded us about the documentary, Uptown: Portrait of a Palace, filmed in 2006, that tells the history of the theater and shows off the beauty and decay within.  It also shows what a labor of love it has been for some who have kept it alive and hope to see it restored.  Keep on working on it, Harry, James and Mayor Rahm!  We want to see this happen.


  1. Whilst we await the oncoming renovation of the Uptown Theater check out the nearby Annoyance Theater for top quality Shakespearean drama.

    I personally recommend "Coed Prison Sluts" which is based partially on my experience in Stateville with Bogie and James Cagney back in the 30's.

    They also have a new show on our 9.5 fingered profane "mare". I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews say "F--- Yeah".

  2. What the hell is up with all this communicating with the community stuff? Kinda freakin' me out.

  3. IP, BTW I want to talk to you about the aldermanic election. If it can be arranged.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the documentary! The Chicago Public Library has lots of copies of this, so I put one on hold. Can't believe the Uptown branch doesn't have this movie in its collection!

  5. I have been following the saga of the Uptown Theater since it closed in 1981. I have decided to get involved in any way possible.

    My small Audio/Video business, The Street Factory, will be contacting Mayor Emmanuel's office and the local Alderman's office today, October 17, 2001 to offer our support in any way they see fit to use us - at no cost. Together WE CAN! The time for words is over; the time for action is NOW!

  6. @ Kenny B

    Be sure to contact both Alderman in this case.

    I've been following it that long too. Its hard to comprehend it could take so long for such magnificent building. Some of the legal drama has been interesting enough...two embezzlement cases, a Jaguar, and a last minute flight to Costa Rica among other monkey-business.

    Lets see Ronald Reagen was settling into the White House.....

    Jane Byrne was Mayor and settling into Cabrini Greene Hsg. Projects.....

    And Alderman Orbach of the 46th Ward ....well...he wasn't settling much of anything....

    The good news is the Uptown never burned down or got demolished..,thank you theater gods!

    I am not even a small company just a solo local artist but if needed I would step-up and work for free!