Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Join GWNA Block Club In Positive Loitering On Saturday

News from Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association:

"We will be having our first Positive Loitering event on Saturday, October 8, at 5:30 p.m. This GWNA-sponsored event will meet at the corner of Racine and the east leg of Sunnyside, and we will break into smaller groups from there. We hope to have hot chocolate for the kids, and well-behaved dogs are welcome. We also extend a warm invitation to students and staff from Truman College — we hope you will all join us as we take back our neighborhood!"

Don't forget GWNA will be holding a general block club meeting for all residents living within its borders on Tuesday, October 11th.


  1. This is important--gang issues and now dozens of teenaged girls picking fights in the area. We had to call 911 last night to stop the girls attacking another girl--about 15 or 20 screaming teenagers who kept at it even after the police arrived. If you've spent time around Sunnyside Mall and Broncho Billy Playlot, you might recognize some of the people who recently started hanging around Racine/Sunnyside/Clifton.

    Hopefully this will also give opportunity to meet neighbors that you might not know yet, and everyone with an interest in making our neighborhood safe and liveable for everyone is welcome! Bring your dog for a pre-dinner walk, or explore this corner of the 'hood before dinner, or check out the finished McKeon Parking Deck of Truman College from a different perspective. See you Saturday at 5:30!

  2. It's a very REAL problem in our neighborhood -- girl gangs, drug gangs, retaliatory violent activity. Everyone should come out and stand together against this activity in our neighborhood. I urge everyone in the area to come out in force and show them we're not going to put up with a bunch of punks taking over our neighborhood.

  3. I'm going over there, might bring the portable easel/granny cart set-uo why not?

    I was painting at the loitering across from Uplift and it was all cool...plein aire loitering.

    Its been pretty calm over here on the north half of Sheridan Park recently.

    Maybe it was the way CPNA impressed me when grassed over their street recently but I got to thinking.....

    Wilson Ave runs right through the spine of Sheridan Park, we share Wilson Ave. here in the land between the cemeteries.

    Yet it is the dividing line for block club areas unlike Clarendon Park and Buena Park. It is not necessary to have a larger more unified block club but it works for them. Could it work for us?

    ??"Sheridan Park Neighbors"??

    The Margate Park and Argyle area is similar to us, broken up into smaller units. Balkanized is way too strong a word even for me.

    Its something to think about, even talk about, we should be looking out for each other.

  4. Yes, something to think about...I know from being one of the people involved at the beginning of GWNA that the reason GWNA exists is because it was excluded from the boundaries of the adjacent block clubs. The more active block clubs seem to be those with larger service areas--and larger pools of people to spread around the volunteer work. If it makes sense to combine forces and combine organizations to achieve necessary missions and goals, it's something that can and should be considered an option.