Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Health Testing On Thursday


  1. there is no such thing as HIV immunization. anyone educated enough about HIV would see that the wording intends to indicate "HIV testing and immunization [for other illnesses]" . the way language is used by COIP is misleading. such poor use of language is a shame, especially for people in healthcare. however, i will save my soap box and colorful language to their inbox! do not go there expecting to get immunization for HIV, it does not exist!

  2. That is a very good point Uneden. I hope you let that inbox have it, just be nice now.

    Obviously anybody educated in the matter would understand but the problem of course is...not everyone is educated.

    Their heart is in the right place. This looks like a simple grammatical shortcoming with the potential for serious harm.

    My favorite poor use of grammar in Uptown is the painted sign behind JJ Peppers in the alley off of Lawrence, it reads:

    Post No Bill's

    I always get a chuckle from it,showed my mother the English professor a photo of it.

    She did not think it was funny......heheheh!

  3. It's nothing to get so upset over. Uneden, you even used an exclamation mark! I'm sure UU will make the correction with a nice little FYI note like I was going to post. It wasn't intentional, I'm sure.

  4. HIV testing and Flu immunization

    The Chicago CareVan is a mobile immunization clinic that provides free immunizations provides all immunizations that are recommended by the CDC, with the exception of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

    Sorry the misprint ...