Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Update On Stockton School Construction

Principal Jill Besenjak of Stockton School (4420 N Beacon) sent UU a note about what's going on with the construction at the school, which began over the summer:
"Stockton School is undergoing a two-year 'Americans with Disabilities Act' rehab project.  The project includes putting in ramps in the back lot on Dover Street, tuckpointing, putting on a new roof (right now a temporary one is in place), adding an elevator, asbestos and lead abatement, and adding a cooling system.  

This not only creates a situation that our school is in compliance with the ADA, but also provides the much needed updates to our almost 90-year-old school.  Most of the noisy work has been completed over the summer, as has the asbestos removal and lead abatement.  Work will continue throughout the year and next summer, although I have been assured that it won’t be so noisy."
The Chicago Architecture Blog had a short blurb about the construction at Stockton last month as well.

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