Monday, September 12, 2011

Person Shot At Wilson and Broadway (Updated 3x)

We heard them loud and clear and hoped they were firecrackers, but apparently not.

Just before 4:30, a series of nine or ten gunshots were fired around Broadway and Leland at Wilson and Broadway.  Cops and ambulances were on the scene almost immediately.  Police are chasing a black male with hair in dreadlocks.  Apparently the alleged shooter fled westbound on Wilson, concealing a handgun in a blue/black flannel shirt.

According to posters on Facebook, someone is down on the ground.  Another reader says, "Gang bangers were trolling the area for about an hour before the shots were fired."

Update:  From a reader-- "This wasn't a shots fired, it was a shooting. Not sure exactly which corner of Wilson and Broadway it happened, but it was on the north side of the intersection. One person was shot and a bullet went through the window of at least one car.  Two witnesses gave good descriptions of the offender and an accomplice.  Someone matching the description of the accomplice was picked up a few minutes later near Truman College.  They're establishing two crime scenes, one where the person was shot, the other where the car(s) caught the bullet."

Update:  A reader tells us it looks like a storefront on the 4600 block of Broadway, just south of the bike shop, was also shot out.  As for the possible repercussions, this takes our breath away:  "I spoke to the owner of the car that was shot. He was parked just north of the entrance to the el station, cleaning his car. His daughter was in the back seat. Just after he closed the trunk, shots rang out. His daughter's hair had glass all in it. He told me he saw a big pistol."

We are sick and disgusted with these gangbangers who demand respect, but think nothing of shooting innocents. Thank heavens the man's daughter was not harmed physically. We can't imagine the emotional toll.

Update:  NBC Chicago has a brief story about the incident.


  1. Will, the scanner described the shooter as wearing a white t, with the gun wrapped up in the flannel. So there is your plain white t. Makes him so easy to spot that way.

  2. This is just ridiculous. I've never felt very safe walking to the redline around this time, but it's my only transportation to/from Roosevelt University for night classes. Looks like I'll be hoofing it to the Brown Line from now on.

  3. Hmm. The incident I witnessed not too long also had a shooter with dreads, shoulder length.

  4. If these bangers want respect so much, how come they insist on acting/dressing like clowns? It's pretty hard to respect someone when they've clearly belted their pants below their hips, when they make their cars look like gaudy toys with rims that cost more than the car did, and take pride in speaking like they dropped out of the fifth grade.

  5. This is really starting to be a daily occurence. A lot of these gang members live all around us in CHA buildings. Until they are cleaned up and out you will always have a growing gang problem in Uptown.

  6. I was emerging from the south turnstiles to the L at the time of the shooting. Thankfully there was someone in front of me who was annoyingly slow, or else I would have been in the open at the southwest corner when it happened. In the first second you think they are firecrackers. Then when you see mass confusion and fear, you realize there is indeed a real threat. I've never been in such close proximity to such an event, but let me tell you it is quite a frightening experience to search for a barrier that you hope will protect your head from being shot by a stray bullet. Obviously the little girl in the car was at much greater risk. More than anything, I was and am outraged that the petty squabbles of these young thugs could result in the deaths of innocent bystanders.

    I will likely be moving out of this area as soon as is convenient. It is shocking and horrendous that this level of violence is being sustained in Uptown. It is urgently incumbent on the local government to address the underlying and contributing factors to this surge in violent activity. They must do this before an innocent person dies.

  7. I heard the shots from my yard. Bull^^^^!!!!

  8. This neighborhood is a dump and after 4 years here, I can't wait to get out. The ONLY reason I'm here is because I couldn't afford the same size place in a better area. Guess what .... I cannot wait to downsize! I know that this will be inflammatory to some, but I just don't get who in their right mind defends Uptown? I don't believe for a second that anyone who could afford to get out wouldn't. Period.

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  10. Two words: Domestic Terrorists. Treat them as that and call in the army. I am not trying to belittle the potential deaths of all the people on an airplane, but the entire country hears about a shoe bomber on an airplane and that person is sent to Cuba. How many people have these people killed? How many people live in fear when they see these asses running around in plain site? I'm sorry, I feel like Al Qaeda is less of a threat to our security than these guys.

    My guess is that gangs kill more people every year than were killed on 911.

    I'm with Suzy Q. Count me out. I'll just send the f-ing keys back to the bank.

  11. I remember when I read months and even years ago when shootings took place and everyone blamed Helen. Well, the same shootings are taking place and the only thing I see improved is the response time of the police (thank god).

    The main issue that people had with Helen is that she ignored the problem (and possibly exacerbated them by doing so).

    The improved police response can be attributed to the new alderman actually demonstrating a desire to address the issue.

    Your argument that police response is the only improvement that you've seen is incomplete. You need to look around a little bit more and do some more research to see that there is change afoot.

    Also, be realistic. It's going to take more than 4 months to correct these problems.

    Have you been reading the Ward master Plan?

    Oh, and for the record - innocent people have already been shot, and at least one innocent man killed.

    As for Will's comments, I think he's responding to the stereotypical behavior and trappings of GBDs.

    I mean, it's not tough to spot a GBD when you see one.

    That doesn't mean every kid with droopy drawers and a plain white t is a thug, but the odds are pretty good that he is.

  12. SuzyQ, you hit on the crux of the matter, a real catch 22. Most people such as yourself live here because housing is much much cheaper than Lake View, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, and Andersonville, where you and most others would really prefer to live. The reason why it is cheaper is because of the large amounts of people living in poverty in Uptown. And where there is poverty, there is always crime and gangs. Take away the crime and gangs and Uptown would no longer be affordable to you. Not making any judgements here about what is right or wrong, good or bad, just saying how it is.

  13. thanks suzyq for the compulsory last straw comment.

    This is why I think bad buildings need a light shined on them like the block building on Rogers Park, so far its just Lawrence House.

    Is Lawrence House really the only bad building? If you only have big discussions after shootings.....

    Well just saying, if there are problem buildings the neighbors should be discussing the problems and collaborating to make them better or shut down.

  14. Wow, will is only stating the evidence of his eyes.

    The thug culture he's describing is the same that is behind the shootings. And he's right on target about their skewed notion of "respect."

    Know thine enemy.

  15. Agree with Will - you act and dress like a clown, the world will treat you like a clown. There is zero personal accountability with these people.

  16. I've become increasingly more frightened to walk down Wilson Ave. Whether to the El, 7-11 or as a means to get on Broadway to access stores, it doesn't feel safe. Shots fired at 4:30 in the afternoon prove it is not.

    I've lived in the city for decades. l've never before lived in an area where I've been afraid to leave home. Where I'm not safe waiting for a bus or the El. Nor have I ever before lived in a neighborhood where I'm not proud to have my friends and family visit.

    Another 1st is a sense of betrayal that has nothing to do w/particular politics or party and everything to do with a systemic apathy. Sporadic security and police presence after a shooting on or near Wilson doesn't make the street safer. Nor does a Target or Truman parking lot. Each siren heard swells fears. Helicopters overhead are far from comforting.

    Lack of resources as explanation for why bullets are still flying in broad daylight doesn't cut it any longer. Neither does lack of local politician tenure. If our sustained security on or near Wilson Ave. were important, this city would be focusing on it.

    Look at the # of hrs and $$'s spent focused on the security of former mayors and current aldermen. My tax $$s have contributed to their salaries for yrs; in return is discussion on their security rather than our neighborhood when it's clearly at risk?

    I don't care about past failures, future or master plans, who said what or when it was said. I don't care about what restaurants might lease space in the Wilson El reconstruction. Or the plans to make us an entertainment destination. I want to be able to walk around the block on a beautiful evening. I want to be able to safely catch a bus on a summer afternoon.

    How many years, research dollars and planning committees does it take to develop a plan that keeps us safe? Is a solution so difficult?

    To say this problem is serious is understatement. People are leaving or planning to leave the neighborhood. New families are not moving in. No matter how loud, it's increasingly clear that our exodus is more affordable to the city than doing what it takes to ensure a sustained safety.

  17. It is truly sad to see some of the comments that I see on here every time there is an occurrence like this. There are serious problems in Uptown, that is obvious, but just cleaning up CHA housing and kicking people out is not the solution. It will only move the violence and poverty elsewhere. Maybe we should be addressing why people have to live in that kind of housing in the first place. Maybe people should address why gangs even exist or what drives someone to join a gang. The reasons are most often poverty, desperation, protection and the inability to be recognized as an important person in "society". It gives individuals who otherwise have little or no opportunity to do something positive with their lives, a sense of power and control. So maybe instead of kicking these kids and their families out, so they can get shot out of sight of white people, we should find ways to rebuild pride in the community. Do something about it, instead of just posting a comment, about how terrible the community is. Why not get involved in the community. Go to CAPs meetings and positive loitering gatherings. Support the local businesses,and support local non-profits. Start a dialogue about how to bring better opportunities and alternatives for young people in the community: Start an after school program, or a a job skill training. Start a community garden or some sort of community project. If you can find ways of getting these kids to take pride in something other than selling drugs and shooting each other it will make a huge difference, but the community also needs to re-establish a sense of pride as a whole too. There is a lot in Uptown that I am proud of and at the top of the list is the diversity. Maybe we should start by embracing that.

  18. Get this through your head: it's not a race thing. It's not racial cleansing. It's crime, and we don't want it here. I am mixed race without a drop of white blood in me and I want a safe place to raise my kids. It's not about wanting anyone one racial group out, it's about wanting the people who sell drugs and shoot each other to stop it! If you had been at the gang seminars, you would have heard that there some gang members who are lost causes, and opening another after-school program or giving them hugs will NEVER cure a hardcore gangbanger. You go right ahead and try to give them selfworth and I will work to prosecute them to the full extent of the law for the FELONIES they are committing. Some kids can be saved, and there are millions of dollars being invested in Uptown and tons of afterschool programs. But some gangbangers are just lost and we need to concentrate on getting them out of our neighborhood, out of ANY neighborhood where they will shoot people on main streets. To blame people who are the f*cking victims of their violence is the worst kind of STockholm Syndrome! We can have positive loitering, we can have community gardens, we can go to CAPS. I do it! But to think just telling the hardcore gangbangers that we wuv them and accept them and think it will stop them from ruining our community is disingenuous.

  19. Obviously all of this violence is the result of street gangs competing for control and turf. I believe the best solution for all of us concerned citizens here would be to pick one street gang to support and work with them to drive all of their rivals from the hood. Working together we can arrive at peace. We just need to figure out which gang is already strongest and support them in eliminating their competition.

  20. I so agree with brian we need to start by taking pride in where we live. parents need to step up if these boys are yours turn them in every parent know swhat their kids are doing who their kids are hanging with. the boys out here that's shooting is young boys they need to be in someones school or on someones job. the first thing you hear when they get shot its my child wasnt in a gang well wake up people keep a wacth on your kids these boys are living in your house hiding guns and drugs in your house so if you supect your neighbor kid of selling drugs or holding guns report them. we as a whole have to step up and caps and walking is not going to be effective if we dont clean up after our selves lets treat these boys like roches let clean them out.

  21. boohoo i get you and your right hardcore gang members you cant give them a hug but these little puncks are not hardcore their little pissy boys running around thinking their bad wit guns. a hardcore is not going to be shooting and a little girl is in the car i grew up with hardcore they told us coming home get yall butts in the house cause what they was going to be doing they whooped and shot who they wanted no mistakes they went in your house and pulled you out thatshardcore these boys could not last in another country

  22. so they can get shot out of sight of white people

    Very few african-americans, native americans, latinos, asians, et al want to see gangs or the violence that they produce, either.

    Boo's spot on: this isn't a racial issue.

    Continuing to frame it as such doesn't get us any closer to resolving this problem .. in fact, it acts to move us further away.

  23. I have went to . . . graduate school . . .

    Where? University of Phoenix? I don't believe you.

    Maybe people should address why gangs even exist or what drives someone to join a gang. The reasons are most often poverty, desperation, protection and the inability to be recognized as an important person in "society".

    I suggest we start, quite frankly, with parenting. I can't count the number of times I hear young mothers talk to their toddlers like they are already in a gang. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you hear a mother say to her 3-year-old, like I recently did, "Lemme go, you little f**ker," followed shortly thereafter by, "I don't know why I keep you around. You don't f**king listen to shit," it's not hard to see why that little 3-year-old may grow up to be a banger. In a situation like that, it's practically pre-ordained. But you know what? With certain so-called "social justice" organizations (like those who fight for the rights of drug-addicted women to remain in residence at places like Voice of the People), there's not a darn thing that "rich white folk" can do about the fact that our neighbors are raising a fresh new crop of bangers right under our eyes. It has become too politically incorrect to correct another person's parenting "style," or to correct her child her child for antisocial behavior (swearing, littering, spitting).

    And when you talk about "society," whose society do you mean? I certainly dont't to socialize with a woman who calls her child a "little f**ker." She is unwelcome in my society and I certainly don't want to join a society that tolerates that kind of behavior.

    It gives individuals who otherwise have little or no opportunity to do something positive with their lives, a sense of power and control.

    To paraphrase the immortal words of Jock Ewing, real power is something you seize for yourself. We all have the opportunity to do something positive, but unfortunately many choose to ignore that opportunity. Capitalizing on opportunity is not easy; it requires the kind of hard work that manifests itself as a seizure of power and self control. You are not going to have any sense of power if you sit on a milk-crate all day; I don't care who you are or what color your skin is. The first step to doing something positive for yourself is to stop sitting around. As we all know, the horse has to drink the water for itself.

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  25. That was refreshing, nugatory. I am appalled as well by the sorry excuse for parenting that some kids receive. It is indeed a tragedy as many of those kids will go on to become antisocial and horrible parents themselves. There is a fate-like determinism about the cycle.

    But your words on power and opportunity are equally valid and apropos. True, many people have simply given up after many attempts at trying to achieve something. And financial situations only make things harder. But they must first discard the attitudes and behavior that have been holding them back.

  26. Katie, you are right about a lot of the shooters and gangbangers not being from Uptown (though I know Shiller got skewered when she said this). I know because I take the brown line from downtown before switching to the red up to Lawrence. Numerous times on the ride home, I have watched what appear to be gang bangers - young males all wearing white tees and ball caps - get on the brown line en masse at Sedgwick, switch to the red line, and then I watch them get off at Wilson. Gee, I wonder what they are all coming up here for? And I have mentioned this to the police.

  27. but saw little strategy in it other than holding CHA residents accountable for their actions and who they let stay with them

    As has been communicated by many, within CPD, social services and public housing authorities, this is a big part of the problem.

    Also, with new businesses opening up, and a general better appearance of the ward, increased foot traffic will (should) help disperse the GBDs, and/or help them move along to other areas.

    It is not a panacea of for the abject idiocy of gangbangers, but should certainly help.

    Again, more than what we've seen around here, historically.

    As for GBDs not being from Uptown, doesn't matter,. quite honestly. What has been created here is an environment conducive to such activity.

    If such an environment is eliminated, or at the very least, heavily curtailed, then maybe the enticement for said GBDs to come up here to fire off their penis extenders willy-nilly will/should be greatly diminished.

    The issue with Shiller being grilled when she stated the shooters weren't from Uptown is that she used it as a shield with which to deflect the fact that she's helped in creating the environment inwhich said shootings took place and did nothing, absolutely nothing, to change the dynamic.

    A friend told me, recently - and I agree .. to an extent: Shiller did more to help the poor in this city than anyone ever did.

    Where I disagree is that everyone likes to build, and laud themselves when they do; but, no one likes to maintain.

    Gangs and the environment for gang violence thrives in areas where maintenance is lax.

    If lower income housing were maintained properly, and offending residents held accountable for their actions, I'd wager the number of broad daylight shootings would be considerably lower.

    That's what's in the master plan.

    Like I said, you need to broaden your view of what's going on.

  28. Guys why is everyblock uptown so dead? It doesnt appear that there is much talk going on there.

    Take a look at rogers park everyblock, much more discussion after our recent shooting,

    As always nice discussion, which only happens AFTER a shooting.
    Moving the violence out is a good solution. I dont want violence near me in Rogers Park/Edgewater or Uptown.

    There is not going to be a social program that stops this, only by evicting and closing down troubled mismanaged buildings are things going to get better.

  29. How do people reach the conclusion that those who articulate their frustration about another shooting aren't involved in the community and don't understand the social and economic consequences of poverty?

    That kind of narrow-minded thinking is no less dangerous than the bigotry and racism presumed upon those who protest the lack of sustained security in the community.

    Leaping to the conclusion that I have not supported my neighborhood or the poor and disenfranchised could not be more ill conceived. As the parent of grown children there but for the grace of god I have not been judged as harshly by those in this comment string who may have heard me in my unavoidable moments of frustration and parenting.

    Such harsh and erroneous conclusions are naïve and counter-productive. We have serious immediate problems. What is to be gained by pointing out others grammar mishaps along with verbose lectures on the errors of others beliefs?

    Those who have the time to sit so cavalierly in such judgment and of everyone around them would be well served to turn that criticism inward. Your assumptions about some could not be more off base. Perhaps in others experience and perspective there might actually be some nugget of truth that serves the community as productively as your convictions.

  30. Personally, I am going to call police every time I see more than 3 bangers hanging out on any street corner in this neighborhood at any time.

    We'll never solve the how and why these guys do what they do. We all know the reasons and there is no real way to stop it aside from not giving them any opportunities.

    If there aren't any of these guys on the street corners to begin with, then there's nothing for anyone to shoot at. I'm calling on all of my neighbors to do the same thing.

    Keep these guys the streets. Business owners, I don't care who your customer base is, if there are undesirable people loitering in front of your store fronts, call the police to come and get them moving.

    The only way to keep these guys away is if we don't allow them to do what they do best, create dangerous situations for the rest of us.

    I can guarantee you, in any neighboring community, Lakeview, Edgewater, Ravenswood, Lincoln Park, the residents and business owners don't put up with it and neither should we.

    CALL THE POLICE. EVERY TIME!! Don't allow them to hang around...EVER. It doesn't matter if they aren't doing anything at that particular time. At some point they will. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE OPPORTUNITIES!! Anytime there are more that 3 guys hanging together, CALL THE POLICE.

    Loitering is unlawful, so enforce the law. If I can get a f***ing $100 ticket for pulling into a bus stop to run into target or a bank, or getting pulled over because I'm not using my hands-free device and get a f***ing $100 ticket. The these assholes should not be allowed to hang on the street corners, dealing drugs, and shooting up the neighborhoods.Surly these guys could afford a $50 ticket for loitering from their drug sales.

  31. Surly these guys could afford a $50 ticket for loitering from their drug sales.

    This is Illinois, after all - they might be able to write those fines off their taxes as business expenses.

  32. Also b7277 I think you should post your efforts on uptown everyblock. Its very very dead there now, you would think that generally not much going on there, people are talking about making bread and stray dogs.

    Ok some talk about safety of neigbhorhood, but nothing directly about actual realtime neighborhood safety concerns. When there are real concerns in Rogers Park they are definitely posted.

    People do need to be more vocal and proactive about antisocial problems in realtime, not just after the resultant violence from their cummulative effects.

    The question is, does uptown really want to change? If so where is the action and reporting either here or on everyblock?

    Ok, morale is better now that there is a new alderman, but does anyone really think that that is really the solution. We in Rogers Park have a decent alderman, maybe not as good or vocal as cappelman but he has to be vocal to make for the atrocious job that schiller did.

    You guys still need to report what is happening near you, issues that need to be fixed and call in and report incidents of loitering. There has to be zero tolerance of loitering. ZERO!

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  34. What contributes to this is a complete lack of education. I grew up on what could be considered a "trashy" street, but my neighbors were at least tv addicted and had some kind of knowledge of things since they always sneak in something (at least they did in the 1980's) worthwhile into shows.
    Upon arriving in Chicago and becoming acquainted with other social service agencies clients since we were usually all housed together, at least in the same neighborhood.. I learned what uneducated really is. These guys don't read, don't watch tv, don't do a whole lot other than loiter and tell the same stories about fights, domestic violence and other low-class drama.I don't understand, there were guys at the LH that would get up at six, go to Peppers and get their snacks for the day and just stand by the door, watching the world go by. Still there at 8pm when I got off of work. I didn't and don't see the appeal of it. They didn't even take an interest in their neighborhood, they only knew where the liquor/convenience store was, where to get free food and where DHS was. It really bothered me. I tried to help and teach them new things but they were unwilling. All they know is what they see loitering in the neighborhood for hours and hours, what they see is drug dealing, random violence and endless stupidity. It's no wonder many people end up the way they do in Uptown. I never attended Chicago public schools but they must be pretty sorry if they're turning out people like this in record numbers.

  35. Unlike many people, I can see and consider perspectives from both sides of the fence.

    That's a massive step in the right direction, honestly. A lot more people need to do that.

  36. I posted this on another post today, but I'm looking for a post I read about having Neighborhood watch on their block. I'm on 4400 block of Racine, never had problems before, but now we see guys walking down the street with guns IN HAND hidden under their white t-shirts while we walk our 2 year olds to the park. WTH. Also witnessing a blatant drug deal 2 doors down AND in front of the Detective Agency car that parks in front of Truman on Racine/Sunnyside. WTH again? I want Neighborhood watch here and I want cameras cameras cameras up. I don't want all the good people to move out, which they are going to... and good luck Cappleman with what ends up pride of ownership. Let's stop complaining and post what we can DO to protect our babies and ourselves (and all the money we've invested in Uptown as it it... and get these criminals to know that we have organized and it's not easy to do their business here. Enough. I will be filling out the gang/crime activity report form on UU every chance I get and encourage my neighbors do the same. We can't sit back anymore. I mean.. THEY'RE ORGANIZED, WHY AREN'T WE?!!!

  37. For the past several days, like others, I have been extra cautious when walking around the area. I now walk up from the Sheridan stop when I get home from work, whether in the evening or night.

    But something that I began to realize, and which reminded me of b7277's comment, is that everything is fine when the gang bangers aren't out. Bullets are only going to fly if there is one nearby. That's why I think it's a fantastic idea to call the police every time there are 3 or more gathered. If the community actually follows up on that, these guys will be so hassled.

    I for one am very satisfied with the Alderman and Chicago police. I've been relieved to see the heightened police presence and am grateful for their efforts. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the neighborhood brings their attention to such loitering every time. This also reminded me of turkeeemama's post. I hope that you called the police after seeing the guy with a gun and after you got a safe distance away!