Friday, September 2, 2011

Roosting In Uptown

Look closely!  A reader caught a photo of one of the peregrine falcons from the Uptown Theatre taking a break, on Magnolia just south of Lawrence.


  1. i saw one of those on my neighbors gate up in Edgewater once. Very cool.

  2. Based primarily on the length and shape of the tail and the profile of the head, this appears to be a Cooper's Hawk, rather than a Peregrine Falcon. Cooper's Hawks are one raptors most commonly mistaken for peregrines. They share much of the same territory.

  3. That is one cool link Sean.

    Not totally sure by the photos though. Females and males are different in both species.

    I listened to the sound clip for both and the Peregrine shriek definitely sounds like the one to me.

    The Cooper's Hawk was totally different, I've heard these birds on the Uptown many many times by the way.

    Cool link!

  4. This is a Coopers Hawk. The shape is an Accipiter and not a Falcon. The head shape is totally wrong for a Falcon. -Marty