Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reminder About 311 Requests

A timely reminder from a resident:

Just wanted to forward along two 311 service requests I just put in.  The street lights are out at Magnolia and Leland. I feel like they've been out for a while now (don't know for sure). Also put in a graffiti notice for 1137 W Leland. Looks rather recent.

I'd like to remind everyone that even if you think someone has already called it in, it never hurts to report it yourself.


  1. In addition to 311 you have the option to report here at Department of Streets & Sanitation - Graffiti Blasters (Graffiti Removal): http://bit.ly/r2b1jS

  2. The Bureau of Electricity can also be called directly about the burned out streetlights. 312-746-4400