Friday, September 9, 2011

New Gallery Opens Tonight

Photo from Mink and Arce website
If you're an arts aficionado, tonight's an eventful evening.  In addition to the 9/11 photo exhibit opening, there's a new gallery in town:  Mink and Arce's opening exhibit is tonight, in the former Transistor space at 5045 N Clark.  Mink and Arce's website says:  "Our initial show will focus on a selection of artists new to the gallery, including David Paul Downs, Boris Ostrerov, and JungPyo Hong. [...] Along with or in advance of solo shows, we will exhibit a diverse array of artists’ works that will remain available for longer periods."  Check 'em out between 6pm-9pm.  Welcome, Mink and Arce!


  1. This was a really nice event and the art was moving. I encourage everyone to visit while the exhibit is up.

  2. My comment was about the 9/11 exhibit. I'm sure I'm sure Mink and Acre's is great too though.