Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Little Update On Sonic

From Redeye:
46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman says he expects a plan for a proposed Sonic location to go before his ward’s zoning and development committee either this month or next. Two locations are being considered: Wilson Avenue and Sheridan Road (formerly El Pollo Loco) or Wilson and Kenmore avenues (currently a parking lot).

Cappleman says he’s excited about the possibility of Chicago’s first Sonic landing in Uptown not only because of the jobs and tax revenue it would bring, but also because it has a local fan base of which he counts himself a part. “I’m a fan,” says Cappleman, who grew up in Baytown, Texas with a Sonic nearby.
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  1. He grew up in ...where? Baytown?

    The last alderman, Shiller was from Westchester NY one of the richest suburbs in the USA.

    Isn't anybody from Chicago anymore?

    What the hell is a SONIC? A Burger joint?

  2. SONIC is a burger joint. Retro 50s with the car speakers to order. I just hope we can get this gang violence under control so we can get businesses back into Uptown. I am worried that my real estate value will continue to go down the toilet and that I cannot feel relatively safe walking to the El.

  3. SP, Cappleman never hid the fact that he was not born in Chicago. The "other" candidate spoke endlessly about her Chicago pedigree and voters clearly were not impressed.

    It's fine for you not to want to patronize Sonic. However, because you're from Chicago, you wouldn't know they have a huge fan base of people who will come from all over the city to purchase here in Uptown.

  4. I am not a fan of Sonic or any fast foor for that matter. But any buisness that wants to open shop here should be welcomed with open arms. I can count over 10 vacant store fronts within a half mile of my place. A big part in changing the safety of our community is to fill as many of these as possible. This means more eyes on the street, more local taxes, and more people coming to our ward.

    I also hope that they set up shop where el pollo loco was. That corner needs something there soon.

  5. Sonic is a preety good fast food joint. I have to say if your a junk food eater the food is better and cheaper then most of what is in Uptown already. It should add some needed life in uptown other then the ussual gangs and homeless we deal with every day.

  6. Um, the current mayor is the first "suburban" mayor and "we" voted him in on the first election.