Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Dollar Collared

From CBS2Chicago's website:

"A dollar store in the Uptown neighborhood is closed, after previous plumbing issues were found to have gotten worse when city inspectors made a follow-up visit.

The Dumpster Task Force closed the Family Dollar store at 4613 N. Broadway because of inadequate plumbing and failing to correct serious violations for which they were cited on Sept. 20..."
Read the rest of the story here.

Residents with good memories may recall that this Family Dollar outlet was closed for many months five or six years ago when it turned out that its basement was full of raw sewage and that rodent poison was put out on its sales floor where children could easily ingest it.


  1. This kind of stuff is more prevalent than you think, when I was a kid I worked at well-known burger joint that had no hot water, we were boiling the big tea vats so we could wash dishes, and there was raw sewage near the storeroom. Took awhile for corporate to seize the store and install new owners.

  2. Life is funny. In America we think things are so above the line. It's really not much of the time. It's nice when we realize that America has so many problems. Pretending that we are safe from what scares us is silly. I think the only thing that we have going for us is our ability to compartmentalize things in a placer that makes life safe for us. Sadly that's not reality. There is sewage flowing in more places than family dollar. The funny thing is when no one knows about it....the establishment is fine.

  3. I've worked in bars literally in standing sewage serving drinks. EEEW!

  4. The only thing I buy at Family $ is cat litter, and second guessing that.

    @ Rob (The Tweed Man) Ross,

    I hope your not talkin' about your current gig. It sounds like you were bartending in one of those dumb college bars where everyone is to drunk to notice. Next time spread cat litter on the floor,,,from da Family $!

  5. No, Ceres' table is actually disturbingly clean. This was a different bar.

  6. About the only reason I shop here is to get cheap junk food. They just gave me another reason to eat even more vegetables.