Friday, September 23, 2011

CeaseFire March Today

From Clarendon Park Neighbors Association on Facebook:

"At 1pm, meet up with Ceasefire for a Peace March starting at Racine and Sunnyside (Truman College)."


  1. Disclaimer: if CeaseFire can prevent violence on any level, I'm all for it. And, in their defense, providing evidence that they've helped prevent anything from happening is a tough one (proving a negative, etc).

    Having said that ...

    Why wasn't this (or the other march) better promoted?

    It might seem crazy, but having a much larger, more diverse crowd participate in a march might have a significantly more effective impact.

    Additionally, has CeaseFire reached out to, or gotten involved with, any of the positive loitering events?

    Again, any help is welcomed, but it seems that this group is continually missing/ignoring some very easy opportunities to provide better optics and have a greater effect.

  2. @ Yo

    I have been saying the same thing and well.......?

  3. I can't understand why people always have to criticize when obviously they're not trying to do anything positive, yet speak about it and won't put in the work that is highly needed in uptown....that is absolutely upsetting because this movement was done for the sole purpose of trying to achieve some true peace for this community... As far as the promotion goes for this movement i have seen them passing out flyers everyday out on the streets promoting to the entire community which would include the crowd that is diverse.... But once again without having to mention anyone in particular i witnessed myself as residents of the community would pass up the promoters of this event and not accept the flyers that were being passed out.. As such being said if people act like if they're too busy to stop and smell the flowers then a whole lot will pass them by... I would just hope that next time when a movement is being done like this people really reach out and get involve not to negatively critic but to positively be an example... As I hope Ceasefire remains pushing for this purpose... And finally thanks Ceasefire for trying your best to make Uptown a better and safer place to live.

  4. I would just hope that next time when a movement is being done like this people really reach out and get involve not to negatively critic but to positively be an example

    Agreed. And I'd put the onus on CeaseFire to be the ones to initiate the further reach so that people are afforded the opportunity to actually get involved instead of simply hearing about it, after the fact - when, obviously, they wouldn't be able to.

    That was my point.

    No need to get so defensive.

    Here, let me try my hand at being positive and see if this scratches your itch:

    Dear CeaseFire,

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Please, for your next rally, might I suggest sending an email with the date, time and location to Uptown Update so that they might assist in generating more discussion and participation.

    While I cannot speak for UU, I would assume that they would be happy to post since your goal is the goal of many in the community, and many in the community look to UU for upcoming events.

    Additionally, might I also suggest that your organization get further involved in similar events which have already been established; such as the weekly positive loitering events?

    Since many in this community have been involved in efforts to reduce violence prior to your coming to Uptown, such a partnership would appear to be an organic one.

    Thank you for your consideration, and we all look forward to your enhanced outreach and inclusion.


    All the folks who would have liked to have gotten involved and couldn't because we had no idea that you had this planned.

    CC: Bridget Gainer

  5. We were notified by CPNA about the Cease Fire march unfortunately since it was held Friday at 1pm the people I spoke with were working and unable to attend. Yes Cease Fire could do a better job publicizing the march but more importantly should hold the next event on a weekend or in the evening hours when more people are home from work. How about combining the next CF event with Positive Loitering?

  6. I agree with J-Dog

    How about a Neighborhood Night at Racine and Sunnyside on Fridays at 7pm? Until it gets too cold.

    It could be cross-promoted, include everybody...everybody kept in the does that sound Yo?