Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bridge Relief?

It's hardly a secret that the bridges and overpasses we have in Uptown are falling apart and stuck together with chewing gum, braces, and safety pins.  UU posted photos of them in 2008 and it's only gotten worse.  But a reader writes in with some intriguing news:

"I was looking over the Chicago Park District 2011-2015 Capital Improvement Plan to see what was being planned for our neighborhood. Here's what is listed:

  • under Minor Improvements : 
  • "entrance and washrooms in Montrose Beach comfort station - construction in 2011"

But what I found really interesting was listed on page 17 of the report under Facility Rehabilitation

  • Major Rehabilitation:
  • "Bridge to the lakefront at Wilson funded by the Chicago Dept. of Transportation
  • and Bridge to the lakefront at Lawrence funded by the Chicago Dept. of Transportation
  • and underpass renovation at Montrose funded by the CDOT"

I am taking this to mean they are going to be adding pedestrian/bicycle bridges at Wilson and Lawrence. Maybe you could check it out and/or post to see what you and others think."

We're not sure if that means they'll be adding bridges or rehabbing the horrible, decrepit ones we've got, but any money and improvements are very welcome!  Anyone know any more about it?


  1. I think I mentioned this before.

    But my firm is working on this design. I assisted in the design of the superstructure and substructure, well mostly the substruct on this project. Plans were submitted for review about a month ago. Uptown will eventually have brand new structures at both locations. Our architectural department also worked on this and from collaborating with them on connection designs I know that these bridges will also be getting some nice facades along the wing walls and front faces of the exterior beams. Also, there will be light towers at the approach and abutments. However due to design constraints there will still be two piers over that "short" span. It should look fantastic.

    Of course, the plans will be 100% complete soon, but like many things it may sit on the shelf for a few years before it goes out to bid. But as far as I know it will be going out for bid soon.

  2. Now if only the Park District would start replanting all the trees that have been knocked down over the years in the Lincoln Park section between Wilson, Marine, Lawrence and LSD, we would truly be getting somewhere.

    I do not think a new thing has been planted there in , honest to God, 25 years.. and everytime a storm comes through, another tree is lost..