Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Third Time's The Charm?

Time to break the streak of Wilson being the "Crustiest Station" on the CTA system?  Have the boarded-up entryways and empty businesses improved it to the point where it's no longer the holder of that dubious honor?

The Going Public contest is back for the third time.  Vote for the "Crust Station" of the CTA:  "the CTA station that inspires crabbiness because of its lack of amenities, accessibility, cleanliness and customer service."

The article mentions that the $3 million that Ald. Shiller so generously bestowed on the Wilson Station through the Wilson Yard TIF has not yet been allocated, but the CTA expects to begin work next year.  Yeah, seems we've heard that before.  A neighborhood can dream....

Here's the Going Public article and your chance to vote.


  1. While you are voting for this, don't forget about Inspiration Corp!

    You can vote once a day. So easy! We can do it, Uptown!

    Follow UU story & link here

  2. besides Wilson the station house at Sheridan is run down.