Thursday, August 18, 2011

Say It Loud, Say It Proud

Our favorite photo from Wayne Johnson's report on Rokito's this morning.  See it, and more, here.  (Photo courtesy NBC5)


  1. Nice photo.
    I havent driven by to see it yet.
    Hopefully a harbinger of many good things to come.

    Wilson, the most up and coming street in Chicago? Yep!

  2. Just had a steak burrito there last night! mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

  3. This is a place I WANT to like and am very happy to have in the hood.

    I went in there the other day and there wasn't anyone else in line, however there were a few people eating and waiting for food.

    My friend and I went up to the counter, and the strangest thing happened. We were completely ignored for maybe 5-7 minutes, at which point we turned around and walked out without being acknowledged. Anyone who has been in this joint knows how small it really is and how hard it would be to completely ignore 2 people standing at the counter.

    Go to this guy and support this totally legitimate business in Uptown and prove that my first impression is wrong.

    The food looked and smelled amazing, I just wish they had served it to me!

    After seeing Wayne's segment on NBC the other day, I will happily give this place another shot.

  4. Stash - I hole yin at least tried to get their attention before you walked out?

    I had a bad experience too. Bland food, not getting items I paid for, not getting the free chips I was told were in my take out order. I will try again in a few months though. They are new after all but with that many mistakes I'm not expecting much when they get up and running.

  5. Give 'em a break folks. At least give them a couple of weeks to get the bugs worked out. I'm guessing the owner is giving some people a shot that have never worked in a restaurant before. That was my impression, anyway.

  6. I liked the looks of the place and gave it a try. The food is ok but the service I found is not so good. Business comes where invited and stays where it is appreciated. They had neither.

  7. Please do give them a break. You know who the owner hired to work in this place? Unemployed builders and construction workers. They used to work for him in that business before the market tanked. Give them a few weeks to learn the business.

    My food was real good with unique flavors.

    As someone who used to work in the business I would say to Rocky to have someone with some sort of people skills to work the register. First impressions are everything. They gentleman he had working was nice but an extremely low talker. Normally that is fine, but under an L stop, not so much.

    Just remember this is a local guy taking a chance on a local business and employing local workers, and those local tax dollars he generates go to some of the local programs everyone has grown so accustomed to.

  8. you people drive me friggin insane. everybody whines and complains about the lack of viable businesses in uptown. so, one guy takes a big risk in our neighborhood and gives it a shot. he is only open a short while, and many seem to think that it should be running like a well oiled machine already. how many businesses do you think run smooth as silk from the get-go? very few. I'm guessing those with complaints probably haven't worked in a restaurant before.

  9. Plain and simple, the food isn't very good. With the myriad of Mexican places in the city, the food has to be damn good to get me to go a second time. But since it's an Uptown business I'll give it another shot in a month or so. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue getting my tacos at Taqueria Uptown.

  10. plain and simple: food is yummy, service is learning but awesome and nice, decor is amazing.

    opinions are like [fill in the rest of this quote, pretty good for this post]...

  11. Its good stuff...late nite tacos! I've been there twice, great food, improved service 2nd time.


  12. All-

    My original post was all about giving this business a break. I will give just about any business in our community a break or two when I perceive them to be adding to our community.

    I will put my money where my mouth is and give it a try this weekend!

    Also, CD, thanks for the reminder that this business brings JOBS to Uptown.

  13. My service COMPLIMENT:

    I ordered 3 tacos, 2 carne asada, 1 pork (yeah, I'm difficult that way - 3 of one kind isn't my thing)

    'To go' order bagged and prepared, and I left happy. Two blocks down, the cashier caught up with me. My bag contained two tacos, but not the third.

    I could dwell on the error, but they went to lengths to correct it before I realized it, so I will focus on that.