Thursday, August 25, 2011

Body Found In Clarendon Park

We only have limited details at this time, but we received the following email from a UU reader:

"Behind Maryville (at 12:00 CDT) near the baseball diamond, I discovered the body of a black male, late twenties, found face down in grass. Phoned police and when fire department arrived they shook the man's hand to check for a response and said, " guys can leave." Possible wound because flies were all over him."

We will update as more information is available. 

Update:  The Sun-Times article is here.


  1. Something needs to be done here, the owners of these properties needs to step up and SECURE them. Its bad enough that the property is in the condition its in, but whats worse is that nothing is done too maintain the security of the place, windows are broken out and homeless congregate all over the property and litter on it and the surrounding parks. Who do we contact to get things stepped up? The alderman?

  2. FYI, Monarch - Very sad. Nothing to do with Maryville security though. The body was found in the park. Looked like it was in the the soccor and softball grass area. So patrol and secure the public park.

  3. Mabie it was someone who was homeless and had some type of medical condition and didn't know it, an died there. So in the mean time no one noticed him laying there or if they did, they thought he was asleep. The reason for the flies? Most likely decomposition of his body. Good thing someone seen him and took action.
    Just for thought, one night I got off work at U of I hospital, and it was raining really hard. As I walked down Taylor, I noticed what appeared to be two people sitting on the side walk. But as I got closer I realized it was a man and a women crawling around as if they were looking for somthing.(now you have to imangine, night, rain and these people were across the street form the emergency room) to make this short it was a blind couple that fell. The women was injured because when she fell down her glasses broke and cut her face.
    Now you have to remember this couple(who appeared to be in their late fiftys, early sixtys) were directly across the street from a busy E.R. People were walking RIGHT past them, people were walking RIGHT across the street from this BLIND coulpe who NEEDED help. They were scared and paniking, scrambling around on the sidewalk in the rain trying to find the glasses. Even though they didn't want my help, I called the U of I police which is located in a box type thing about A HALF A FOOT away. I just stayed with them until the police arrived. I felt so sad because I didn't see anyone attempting to help these people. Could you imagine?

  4. My apologies, after I posted I saw the location, the description made it sound like it was closer to the Marysville buildings, and despite where it was found, this is the turf of those who live in those grounds, so i do think it still applies.

    So I still say shame on the nuns for helping to hurt the neighborhood (I wonder what they pay in property taxes if anything). It seems they ONLY do something when they have too. The first time this summer they maintained the grass and exteriors was when the community voted on the Sedgewick project.

    Whats really sad is that I prolly sawr this guy laying out there as I passed by yesterday, but figured he was one of the regulars that sleep in the park every day. The area he was at is commonly used as a rest spot for some, from here on out I a will be calling wellness checks on anyone laying around out there.

  5. ub-bias-You did the right thing by getting them help and waiting until in arrived,
    thank you

  6. So any word on what happened!?

  7. The man was assaulted per the Sun-Times

  8. I'm wondering if they found out who this person is and if he lived in uptown.