Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vis Vitae Now Renting Condos

Last year it was announced that the developers of the Vis Vitae condo development at Clark and Leland had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being foreclosed on.  Yesterday we saw one result of that action:  A sign on Vis Vitae announcing rentals.  The number sources back to a property management company and an attorney.

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  1. Not at all surprised about this. The building (along with the condos across from the park along Clark St. south of Lawrence) went up just as the bubble was starting to burst, so getting qualified buyers was probably a challenge. If the units are in good condition they should rent out OK if the owners are not too greedy and price the rents reasonably for the neighborhood.

    Oh, and PLEASE patronize the dry cleaners on the first floor! The ladies who run the place are among the nicest customer-service workers around, and there's even PARKING available!