Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puppy Photo Shoot a Huge Success‏

Photo courtesy of Flickr
"Challenger Bark's Puppy Photo Shoot on Saturday was a smashing success!  We achieved over double our expectations, which means the repairs and renovation project can begin as soon as the heat lets up.

Unfortunately, the event was a bit TOO successful and we had to turn people away due to time constraints.  Our deepest apologies to those people but if we decide to host another event in the near future then you will be put to the front of the line.

Although the turnout far exceeded our expectations, we still have a long way to go in terms of fundraising so if you would like to donate to the cause, please send your donations via PayPal to challengerbark@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!

The Challenger Bark Committee"

In a separate email, TCBC mentions there were 106 in attendance, as well as 56 puppies, and $1380 was raised.  Funds will be used to replace pea gravel, to repaint the asphalt and separation boards, to put up bag dispensers, to repair message boards, and to repair gaps at the bottom of the fence.

"The Puppy Shoot featured our own local star photographer Jeremy Witteveen, of r25 Productions who had the patience to photograph 56 puppies of all different sizes and breeds. Fido ToGo Fog Truck stopped by to setup shop and donated a portion of all its treat sales to the park. River North Sales and Service, a local beverage distributor, donated poster printing to get the word out. Driftwood Bar, at 1021 W Montrose was kind enough to open early to host the shoot and the staff donated all their tips to the park."

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  1. Had lots of fun and totally opened my eyes to Driftwood, which I had no idea was a pup friendly pub.

  2. OK - now when will we have EQUAL TIME FOR CATS AND KITTENS, please?

  3. Geez, Gayle, you don't have to yell.

    You wonder when there will be equal time for cats and kittens? Probably when someone needs to raise money for a cat-related project. To raise money for a dog park, I don't think there's any discrimination involved in having a photo shoot for the very animals who will be patrons of the park.

  4. I think gayle was probably kidding TSN.

  5. GC, Gayle never kids. She is famous for her off-the-beaten-path comments. I'm just surprised she somehow didn't maneuver the Cubs and the Red Hat Society into this somehow.