Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Positive Loitering Playgroup Tonight At Broncho Billy Playlot

The Uptown Parent's Network's Positive Loitering Playgroup will take place at Broncho Billy Playlot (4437 N. Magnolia) this evening from 6pm to whenever the kids need to go to bed. We anticipate that this will be a weekly playdate at this location and time.  The Uptown Parent's Network would like to invite all families, children, and concerned community to attend, play, and meet other community members.  Please note that although Broncho Billy is a 12 and under playlot, community members who are interested in making our neighborhood a safe place for all children are welcome to attend.


  1. Can someone please post the address/location of this play lot?

  2. 4437 N. Magnolia

    It was also added to the original post.

  3. You people should talk to the youths about the foul language they use. I think this causes the fights also. The young gentleman with the white T-shirts seem to be back in the mall at Wilson & Magnolia. They are shouting rocks and blows to people walking. Not sure what thats about but they look like they are trouble.