Friday, July 8, 2011

The Ponytail Retires

From Ald. Cappleman's latest weekly newsletter:

"After many years of service, Don Nowotny has retired from the Department of Streets and Sanitation for the 46th Ward. His last day was Thursday, June 30. I have appreciated Don's work over the years and wish him the best with his retirement. With Don retiring, Commissioner Byrnes has hired Nick Slywczuk, based on my recommendation, as the new Streets and Sanitation Superintendent of the 46th Ward. Nick brings over a decade of experience as the Superintendent of the 45th Ward and over 20 years of experience working for the City of Chicago. Nick started his position on Tuesday, July 5 and I am delighted that we have such an experienced person managing the streets of our ward. With that said, if you need to get ahold of Nick, you may call the same number you have used for the 46th Ward at 312-744-5030. Thank you for helping me welcome Nick to our ward!"

We like Don very much and appreciated his professional manner and his help with block parties, Clean & Green, and phone requests. We wish him a grand retirement and mornings that begin well after the sun comes up.


  1. Congrats, and best of luck!

    Can you also put in a good word for whomever repaves the pot-hole strewn alleys I've been trying to fix for years?

    That aside, thanks again.

  2. Don-- The 46th ward will miss your dedication and fairness. A heartfelt thanks for all your hard work.

  3. no one wil put in the time and effort Dao has...and ALL the extras he did...this is a HUGE loss for our ward!! I hear the new guy wants to get rid of all the baskets in our dog people be ware!! I'll keep an open mind but Don is a hard act to follow...hope this new guy is ready for some hard farm not impressed by the lack of no responce of tree p/u after storms....Dom was johnnie on the spot

  4. Let's not spread rumors about trash baskets being removed until we hear something official. Don will be a hard enough act to follow without spreading rumors about a guy who's only been on the job a week. It takes nothing away from Don's performance as our ward supe if the new guy is good.

    BTW, if there are fallen tree branches, call 311 and request the Department of Forestry take them away. That's who's responsible for that job. Streets & San takes care of garbage and snow plowing -- not potholes, not tree branches. Don may have taken those requests and passed them along to the proper departments in the past, but they're not under the umbrella of S&S.

    Or, call the alderman's office.