Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perchance to Dream

A reader pointed out an interesting find while googling "CTA Wilson Stop" and clicking this link. Looks like the firm Architrave has designed some improvements for the Wilson CTA station as outlined on their website:

project description

-Realignment of tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 and construction of two 24' wide, 425' long island platforms
-Restoration of the Gerber building and the station's north entrance at the corner of Wilson and Broadway
-Construction of a new ADA accessible south entrance
-Improvement of Wilson and Broadway crossings

We're loving some of the images we're seeing - but are these changes in our future or simply a pipe dream? Let's not think about that now and just enjoy the pretty pictures...


  1. Looks like it's the same firm that did the Howard stop among others, so they do have a history of seeing projects through to completion with the CTA.

  2. ... and i hope it's loaded up with all sorts of security cameras to film and help bust all the crack-commerce that goes on around there.

  3. A face lift would be enough for the businesses, and reconstruction of the rail as it goes over Wilson and Broadway would look a lot better. Why spend more $$$ than you have to? Would be nice to streamline the vintage architecture from the neighborhood...

  4. This looks good. Add a mini police station to the mix and it would be even better.

    Personally, I'd prefer the Wilson stop be closed and a new stop built at Montrose running approximately one block north to Truman, but unlike some people who post here I don't believe it's all about ME.

    Now where the money will come for this will be interesting. One reason to build a tall building at Maryville is so the TIF money could be shifted west to rebuild the Wilson EL stop or better yet the new IrishPirate Montrose Stop.

    There I go on about ME again.

    No matter what happens with the Wilson stop I hope it is a vast improvement for the neighborhood.

  5. When I googled "CTA Red Line Station", I was hoping to find a little nugget giving an idea of what the "knock the neighborhood's socks off" thing is that James has mentioned. Frankly, I was surprised to find these plans instead...surprised, yet pleased. Yes, IP, *where* the money to do this is coming from is a good question...and I agree with you about closing the Wilson stop entirely and shifting it down to Montrose. That would give much the same access to the Red Line without disrupting the use of the Wilson stop as a new Montrose stop is constructed, not to mention do a better job of spacing the stations, better access to Wilson Yard, and eliminate the need to do all the crazy re-routes of the bus lines (like the 78 Montrose) they do to dump bus riders at EL stops. Aaaaaaaand CTA could sell the Gerber Building for real cash so a real store or real restaurant (or something) could restore the building and return it to the tax rolls!

  6. All good comments, expect for Dan M.'s. Sorry, but it's true. The CTA has been making concerted efforts to make their stations ADA compliant with such projects as the already mentioned Howard renovation, Grand Red Line rebuild, the proposed Red and Purple Line Modernization study, and of course the Brown Line Modernization. Eventually the CTA would need to do it, and why not make that sooner rather than later? I like their idea of making the southern entrance the one with an elevator as opposed to trying to make something would in the current station house.

    Moving the station to Montrose is always a curious one to think about. I never liked the idea of closing down Lawrence as one of the CTA plans calls for, but there's seriously too little space between it and Wilson. This plan has some very similar traits to Belmont and Fullerton, but what is up with the wavy awnings? I'm undecided on if I like that characteristic or not as it doesn't really relate to anything in this neighborhood.

    One other thing to think about is the two island platform part. Right now, and correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Purple Line trains stop at Sheridan on days of Cubs games so fans can transfer to the Red Line before Addison? Well in order for the CTA to make Sheridan ADA compliant, they'd either need to buy a LOT of property or combine it's two island platforms into one wide enough for the elevator. That would make it difficult to say the least for Purple line trains to berth there. BUT, if Wilson went back to being a transfer station, then Sheridan could also be "easily" renovated.

    To sum it all up, I just hope this happens in a handful of years, maybe even with the rest of the Red Line Modernization plan.

  7. Think about how different that whole area will look.beautiful

  8. I got the impression that the wavy awnings were a "reflection" of the lake or something like that.

  9. UGH, I've told you guys on here a few times. Architrave was one of the subs on this project. I do not work for Architrave, but I work for a company that was doing some structural design work for it, which involved moving the tracks, handicap access, new platforms etc, etc. We did the design for the Belmont and Fullerton stations also. Then about 5+ years ago this project was completed up to 60%(design) and then the CTA ran out of money.

    Nothing is moving on this project. Period. Sorry. Unless the CTA went a completely seperate direction involving different firms.

    Don't be surprised if all that money went to waste and they start from scratch again.

    I would assume nothing will happen any time soon because the concept for the station itself included large entrances on the north and south side of wilson, west of broadway. Which would include The old Popeyes on the north and the Mexican joint they are building on the south.

  10. Just a note/observation

    Howard stop is improved but actually a poorly designed station.

    The way people have to go up to go down, the wind and snow blow right thru the entire structure, the aesthetics blah...etc.

    One example....they installed "glass" floors on the platform over the street. This was to allow light to fall on the street below, a fine idea. The panels were about 3' x 5'.
    Well half of them cracked after the first winter and are now replaced with cement.

    That was an expensive lesson in material application.

    Wilson Station is only going to have one shot at this....I hope it works out better then the Howard stop. Sorry Architrave....not your best work.

  11. Thanks for the info Capstone, i guess this isn't the big announcement we've been waiting for.