Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nick's Picks

Another book review and recommendation from Nick Taylor, former Sales Manager at Borders Uptown.

A Single Man
by Christopher Isherwood
Identifying as a gay man can leave weighted blockades at the forefront of youth, our twilight years, or whenever one chooses to open the door, and in middle age here it is coupled by being A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.

Protagonist George feigns interest in life as his many states of mind leave him as an object of solitude, uncertainty and bitter discontent.

To pass through these pages is to follow our friend George through one solitary day.  Routines of roles speak to the many facades we all wear at times to make it through work, an unwanted dinner or awkward encounters with people from our past. This man looks in the mirror each morning and prepares the state of mind and face to sell to the world.  Continue reading here.

To find out more about Nick, read "Meet our Guest Blogger" at AndiamoCreative, where he's doing more book reviews for this Uptown-based creative company; it includes a link to his first review for them, The Four-Hour Work Week.

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