Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's Share "What Was There"

A reader writes in:
"I'm an avid reader of the site (I live in Buena Park) and notice that you frequently post historical photos of Uptown and the surrounding area. I'm getting in touch because a Michigan-based company that I do some work for recently launched a site that allows users to view historical photos of different geographic locations around the country (and world) and compare them with the current Google Street View. The idea is to preserve geographic history online as cities change and evolve.

We're reaching out to sites and blogs (as well as museums and academic institutions) that have a lot of digital historical photos to ask them to consider also uploading these photos to our site. It's completely free (for the people contributing the photos as well as for users) and a great, easy way to increase awareness of your own site and generate additional traffic, as you can include a link back to your site under Photo Details for every user to see.

Here's the site if you'd like to take a look:  It really is pretty cool and a great way to preserve local geographic history. To upload your digital historical prints just follow the instructions on the site."

UU Note: Well, come on Uptown! We know you all have great historical photos of Uptown to share. This is a great way to preserve our Uptown past for our Uptown future. Get to uploading!

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  1. This is really cool! I just spent an hour searching and looking at the old photos and comparing with the past. It needs more photos; but wow, what cool memory lane!