Monday, July 25, 2011

Give A Little To Those Who Gave Everything

A reminder from Tattoo Factory owner, Paul Collufarici:
"It's that time of year again. As most of you know, I am on the board of the Area Four Ride to Remember. This year the ride happens this Sunday and I am hoping even with the economy the way it is, that you could find it in your heart to donate again.

Riders can fill out the registration form and take a great tour of the city. If you have never toured Chicago with a police escort, it truly is a sight to behold. There is just something about running red lights surrounded by police cars that seems so wrong, yet is so much fun!

If you don't ride, you can still be a part. A check mailed to Area 4 Ride to Remember P.O. Box  46241 Chicago, IL 60646  would be welcomed. You can also send the check, made out to Area Four Ride to Remember, to the Tattoo Factory and I will make sure the right people get it!

Ever bit of the money goes to the Gold Star Families and is tax deductible. All the work that goes into the ride is volunteered.

Just so you fully understand why I do this; If you are a Gold Star Family member, you had a family member killed in the line of duty. Can you imagine if one of your family members just never came home one day? Never? The loss of life, loss of parent or child and the loss of income. Gone forever, just doing what we need and expect them to do everyday.

In honor of those that gave everything, I ask you to give a little..."

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